Retired numbers

In seeing Usher wearing a #10 jersey got me thinking about retired #s. Does the team retire #s?

Bernie Faloney"s #10 is supposed to be retired
But I guess it’s not(It certainly should be)
Mosca has the only number retired, 68

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Tuesday that Angelo Mosca will be honoured by the club with the retirement of his jersey number, 68, at the team’s August 27 game with Montreal at Tim Hortons Field. Mosca joins Bernie Faloney, who had his uniform number 10 retired by the Tiger-Cats in 1999, as the only players in the 146-year history of the organization to have their numbers retired.

The Tiger-Cats did retire #10, in 1999, just a few days before Bernie Faloney’s passing, one day shy of his 67th birthday. It had been over 34 years since he last played as a TiCat, so other players did wear the number, after him, during that period.

The Club has only retired the two jersey numbers, the fewest of all CFL clubs, with retired numbers. Edmonton and Winnipeg, though, have never, officially, retired a jersey number.


That was his jersey number while he was with Montreal . He will no doubt have to get a new jersey number now that he is here . As a sidenote he did wear number #75 when he was with Edmonton . The last time I looked that number was currently available so chances are he might revert back to that number once again . One thing I do know though is that he definitely won’t be wearing a number # 10 jersey here in Hamilton .


There has been some momentum to have Chapman and Burt jerseys retired but nobody can remember their numbers…


:sunglasses: John Manel QB #10, !969-1971 !!!

And, there others, after Manel, including Bill Etter, Bernie Ruoff, Todd Dillon and Marquel Fleetwood, who I think was the last Tiger-Cat to wear #10.


Bernie Ruoff K/P # 10 , 1980-87
Jimmy Jones QB # 10 , 76-78

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The list is getting longer … add Jerry Keeling, Eric Ursic, Bill Van Burkleo and Mac Cody.

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It is truly amazing Cats have not retired the jerseys of Garney Henley and John Barrow … both guys won 4 Cups !! … and both were 2 way players …(( Henley might be The Best all round player the CFL has ever had )) …


Agreed . If ever the team was going to retire a few more numbers there is no doubt in my mind that two of them should be # 26 and # 61 .


And #3. No question in my mind #3.

Was that Ozzie?

Yes it was Ozzie but I think that Crash was referring to Jake Burt . :rofl: :joy:


Nothing gets by you. Well done.

Could make a compelling case for Ozzie though.


There should be some award for remembering Burt’s number, or at least taking the time to search it. Best I’ve got is Papi White #4.

Well Ozzie did play 16 years here and did win two cups as well as set many records but you have to admit that it pales in comparison when you put it up against the brilliant career and achievements of one Jake Burt .


I had to look it up. I can’t even remember seeing him on the field.

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You mean you don’t remember that one nice catch he made ?!?

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Which falls to mere insignificance compared to the career of Mark Chapman.

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