Retired jerseys

I would like to talk about retired Als jerseys-- past, present and future.
Correct me if I'm wrong (as I often am), but I can only think of two numbers that were retired...Pringle's #27 and #63 (Pierre Desjardins, often thought of as a cynical move to promote the Als to the French Canadian population).
Yet, I can't recall the last time I saw an Al wearing #14. Was Sonny Wade's number retired?
If not, I think it should be, along with 57 (Etchevarry), 82 (Patterson), and Glen Weir (64, I believe), 74 (Dalla Riva) and possibly 26 (Moses Denson).
I would also, for purely personal reasons, nominate #19, for my all-time favourite Al, Larry Fairholm, but I'm sure that would be disputed.
The ones to be so honored in the future: 13 (Calvillo), 86 (Cahoon) and 9 (Stewart).
Once again, I may be off base in regards to numbers that have been retired. Please let me know.

[u]Als Retired Jerseys[/u]

From the current era:

Calvillo & Cahoon are shoe-in....
Chiu...must be considered (over 200+ games)

Maybe Okeke will also be considered somewhere down the line...(also 200 + games)

Thanks for the list. For some reason, I thought they had retired Pierre Versheval's number as well.

Historical question: does anyone remember when and why they changed the jersey numbers for the backfield and receivers from the 80s and 90s to the teens and 20s? I think it was around 1960. Before that, several quarterbacks like Faloney and Ploen wore 92 I believe (I seem to remember Etcheverry wearing 92 and Patterson 75?), but soon they were wearing 10 or 12 etc. It seemed like a sudden across-the-board change but I was too young to know what was behind it, if anything.

Ploen, you're probably right about Etchevarry's and Patterson's numbers. I'm not confident I gave them the right numbers. X-Gamer, I was remiss in not mentioning Chiu. He is certainly worthy of having his number retired.