Retire Obie - You're Done

The Defence was a joke this year. Creehan is out of his league, but it can't be all his fault. There was a combination of poor talent and incompetent coaching.

Obie took a pass at the draft this year. Only teams that are loaded with non-import starters have that luxury. Our ratio woes were an issue all season.

Fantuz and Sam should have produced better results. This proves the critical nature of drafting your own players and not waiting for them to come back from NFL practice rosters. Did Sam perform like a high talent WR?

Obie's biggest failure is the OLine. By now we should have a four or even five man non import OLine. We also need to develop our own quarterback.

The solution is to retire Obie now, move Cortez into the GM position, hire a coach like Paul LaPolice, get experienced assistants to support him, and rebuild this team through the draft.

I just don't want a rookie GM to take over and learn the ropes.

If he retires or gets fired, I want someone with experience.

I agree,bie picked Cortez and the DC,very bad decision,so Obie its time to retire.

Well considering that Cortez was the defacto GM this year, why all the blame for Obie?