Retire Damon Allen

Damon Allen is ruining this team, get some good quarterbacks here, look at BC they've got great QB's behind Dickinson. You know what I blame Allen and the Agro's management for the shitty team we have. They're not bringing in any good young talent, but this management is bringing in old way past their prime players like Allen and Millington. Look at BC they've got great young talent and the players they've got are up on the rise. AGROS NEED TO DO SOMETHING!! Man this is getting reallly LAME! Adam Rita needs to get booted and Damon Allen.

Have you been in a cave this year? Allen is playing great football this year.

Todd Bertuzzi... isnt he the same guy who claimed that Calgary and Edmonton are the most racist cities? Or am i thinking of someone different, i remember thinking he was the biggest idiot i ever seen , cant remember why though now.

I nominate this for lamest post of the year, Damon Allen is a effn ageless wonder, did you see the last game versus the ti-cats, he is kicking a$$, Argos are a team to be scared of , on both sides of the ball. i cant believe you posted this crap.

GEG. . .same person indeed. . .

Hmm thought so, sorry for sounding lame in that post, he makes me angry with some of his comments. Anywho, Todd, Allen is playing great, look at his stats, the argos place in the East , and ask some of the people on here what they think, you will see that you are just a wee bit mistaken.

Allen is a great quarterback...that's why he's still playing at 42, when most other players have been out to pasture for years,

Allen is one of the real greats of the CFL, and will be long remembered for his play.

Your an idiot man, GO AWAY!

The ageless wonder he is, after all these years watching the Damon Allen show, it leaves me wondering why a NFL team never picked him up for qb support. it will be a sad day in the CFl when he finally say's...I had enough,it's been a great ride.

I agree that he's an amazing player, but somewhere in the middle of the whining was a point, that the Argos haven't done much in the way of finding a capable back-up for the team. I know Bishop did alright last year, but I seem to remember that being more luck than necessarily being skilled at the position. Allen will not play forever, and not necessarily by his choice. Even young quarterbacks can suffer career-ending injuries. I hope Allen does get to choose when he leaves the game, but it is something that should at least be considered by the upper management in TO.

We are 1st in the EAST, mate.....and we are better than, EDMONTON.......!

We won with ALLEN out for 7 games last year. If they don't get some one to replace him, next year , I will agree with you.

Don't kill him, before it happens.

That's okay if you're better than Edmonton, pretty much anything in any way is better than dead-monton.

I am a Rider fan, although I do my very very best to not be the kind that disconnects from reality as much as most of the Rider fans on this and other websites do.

I just don't think that Bishop is the guy to replace Allen, whenever that is required. Again, I do hope that he has the chance to retire on his terms, as Messier was able to.

Talk to me next year....BISHOP...was 4 and 2 and 1 last year. When ALLEN went down in both the EAST FINAL and the GREY CUP ...BISHOP did well.

He even had a long drive ending in a TD pass against , HAMILTON.

Is he the ARGOS , future? NO, but he will do for now.

You are correct!

Have to agree with your nomination......Other than Labour Day, Grandpa Allen is having a good season.

Feeling a little lonely, Todd? Allen's playing great.

and he is at DOMINION...this SAT.... :lol:

How does the crow taste :wink:

Todd Bertuzzi... just the name you use says it all. Neanderthal, and obviously knows nothing about quarterbacking. This guy is just trying to get people riled up. He should really be ignored.

I have always wondered why people bother responding to posts such as these

I'm starting to see the simile here...

saskargo is to Rider fans what this is to everybody else in the league.

lol. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: