Retire #42

In my opinion the Ticats need to retire #42. This is Hitch's number and should never be worn again. No one could wear it with the passion and Ticat pride that Hitch displayed.

I disagree.

Hitch was a truly great TiCat...however, many other true greats have gone before him and many still don't have their numbers retired.

Honour him for sure one day (as it should)...but the number stays.

Back to the retiring numbers thing…I’ve been burned here before! LOL

Mosca 68
Barrow 61
Coffey 75
Henley 26
Covington/Patterson 77
Zambiasi 31
DiPietro 23
Winfield 1
Flutie 82
Osbaldiston 3
McManus 14
and so on…

See? LOL Where would it stop?

Faloney (10) is retired (1999). My sentimental choice would be Mosca above all other potential number retirements…given the way things work, that will not happen anytime soon.

Hitch should be on the Wall of Fame, no question. His time will come.

Oski Wee Wee,


My point exactly Russ...nice list.

it'd be nice to see the ticats implement some sort of registration to sign up for those specific numbers. ie you have to have a damn fine rookie camp to even ask for 26, 82,42,68, 75 etc...

Covington/Patterson/Tony Gabriel

I know he did play Long for us but he did play here

I hope JO JO Walker know History of the 77

That’s why I didn’t mention him, Tom. I think to have your name associated with a number, you have to have a certain longevity and done something legendary. I associate Tony more with his longer run in Ottawa, but that’s just me.

I could have mentioned Bernie Ruoff (10), but I didn’t either. The number was retired as a tribute to Faloney.

Oski Wee Wee,

AS Much as I Respect you Russ .
Hal Played for Montreal 1st
So I See him as Montreal Player 1st.

Grover Was a Montreal Player too
But he Did not spend much time as Hal did in a Montreal Uniform.

Tony Was Born Here
Tony is a Burlington Boy.
He was Drafted by Hamilton..
So He may be Roughrider But He Started Here.
He won a Grey Cup here also

TRISHAKTZ, I agree 100% that Rob's # should be retired...... He proved the Cats right in his 13 yrs in Hamilton.

they should retire Ezil Bibbs number...If I could only remember it?????LOL :?