Rethinking the Calgary Stampeders

After going to the game this afternoon between Calgary and Edmonton I think it’s time we rethink the Calgary Stampeders. They were outplayed badly tonight and were fortunate to tighten it up at the end. A couple of weeks ago they were badly outplayed in Saskatchewan. The facts are that out of the top three CFL teams at the moment, they were badly outplayed in all four of the games against the other two clubs and are fortunate to be 2-2.

The Stamps have another big test coming up against Hamilton and unless they improve, look for another loss.

Just goes to show that they are in fact human, during the regular season anyways. They are fairly banged up, and they really hadn’t been playing that well even in some of the wins, was bound to catch up to them eventually.

Maybe we will have a race down the stretch? If Collaros is hurt for any stretch of time they won’t keep pace, they lost to Montreal with Bridge in there.

…’fortunate’, ‘badly outplayed’? Your team just about lost it on the last play of the game, again, think about that for a second…it’s not like it was 48 to 3…

…BLM had almost 500 yards passing without Jorden or Rogers in the line up, so I guess he better, what was it again? Oh yeah, ‘improve’ before next week…

yeah, with that many turnovers it should have been a big gap in score…but the Stamps are good enough to make a darned good game of even that.

Edmonton was without Walker and put up 48 on supposedly the best defense in the league.

They were fortunate enough to make a game of it in the end.

Calgary is still the best regular season team in the CFL. They will win at the very least 13 games. No other team will come close.

Come playoff time, all bets are off. But, the Stamps are still a force to be reckoned with.

The second paragraph above sounds like the Roughriders to me.
What does that have to do with the Stampeders?

They are a good team I'll give them that. However, I'm not ready to crown them western division champs just yet especially after seeing how both the Riders and EE have played them in recent weeks.

We shall see how Hamilton does next week.

Hi West. :slight_smile:


The Cats are going down in that one! :wink:

I’m 55 years old and have watched the CFL for years. I dont think I’ve ever watched a CFL game where the officiating was so one sided. LOLOL When the refs gave the ball back to Edmonton after the late 1st half fumble (it was clearly the Stamps recovery) we knew then that it was the Refs / Esks against the Stamps. My favorite ref was the dude from Quebec until i watched him Saturday night. He sold out and it was obvious. Next time he refs a Sask game we’ll be watching him very closely. Go Riders!!!

Asking a hypothetical if Calgary will have any challengers down the stretch of the season, when it looked like they were walking away with the division just a few weeks ago. Maybe a bit of a stretch on my part, but not completely off topic. spite of those injuries both teams put up huge numbers and played excellent ball...don’t follow your #1 recever’s lead and disrespect the team on the other side for their accomplishments, it’s bad form...

...I do agree I have no explanation for what happened with arguably the best D in the league, will be interesting to hear what is said in the papers today....

...fwiw, first place in the west is not a given by any means, it’ll be a three way race right to the end (sorry Bombers, not for you)...

Because the Riders are going to overtake the Stamps.

Anybody counting out the Stamps isn’t paying attention. There is a reason that they are in first place. The two games against the Eskimo’s could have gone either way and both games were entertaining but not particularly well played.

Stamps are still 4 points up.

There is nothing wrong with competition instead of dominance by the same team every year.
Especially in a small league, so yes count me who does not like to see dynasties in our league.
Even to include the same GC teams.
I know my Argos won’t get a sniff this year and here is hoping the Stamps as well.

Well said.

Count me as one that would like to see the Stamps fall back into the midst of the rest of the league.

That being said even with the recent two losses to Edmonton and Sask I have a hunch it will be Calgary hoisting the cup this year. They have been in a lot tighter games and I think this will serve them well down the stretch and into the playoffs. While it was shocking to see their D give up so many points to Edm it was something else to watch them come back and almost pull out a victory.

Great games all around this weekend and, as we all know, anything can happen in the CFL.

I so love this league.

the calgary bills will not be hoisting the cup this year!!

Calgary has Hamilton, Toronto, montreal, BC twice, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg.
Have you really sat down and crunched yhe numbers ob what it would take for the riders to overtake the Stamps. ALOT