Rethinking Benchmarks

As we all know, the regular season will be shortened by 4 games this season. What would be considered an average, good, and outstanding season by position and where do you see the league leaders landing this season?

Receiving: About 780 yards would be equivalent to a 1000 yard season.

Passing: Roughly 3100 yards would be equivalent to a 4000 yard season. Roughly 3800 yards would be equivalent to a 5000 yard season.

Sack totals: Roughly 8 sacks would be equivalent to a 10 sack season.

Thanks for these conversions. They will be handy to keep in mind. Perhaps we should start to think of these benchmarks on a per game basis this year to understand how well top performers are doing. I do think that there will not be any single season records broken this year. There still may be single game or career records set.

Math isn’t my forte. Wouldn’t it be around 75% at years end equals that of an18 game season’s totals?

While the percentage might be right, I don't think we can truly extrapolate the numbers. Some players do better at the beginning of the season and some come on strong at the end. Running games usually increase with cold weather and passing drops off.

Probably lots of unforeseen variables

Yes there certainly is . I'll give you a prime example of one . In 2017 when the Cats got off to that horrible 0-8 start then HC Austin was only utilizing Brandon Banks sparingly on offence and pretty much strictly using him as a return man . Banks in that winless 8 game stretch under Austin only had a paltry 8 catches for a miniscule 52 yds in receiving on the season .

Fast forward to game #9 when June Jones took over the Head Coaching duties and the rest is history . Jones automatically installed Banks as a starter on offence and in only 10 games he reeled off an amazing 59 catches for 959 yards in receiving down the stretch of the season . That included a 5 game stretch in a row where he produced 100 yds or better each game .

Banks in short wound up with an 1000+ yd season in receiving BUT the variable lies in how he would've done IF Austin ran the show for the entire season instead of June ? Jones unlike Austin saw the potential in Banks and instead of wasting his talent didn't hesitate to install him as a starter the first game he took over as HC .

As an Als fan, lightning is one of those variables that isn’t our friend.