Results of my tour of the Big O

Well first i will start off saying that i went to Montreal to watch my Bruins lose to the Habs Saturday 2-0. I'am really not surprised by my B's losing, half of there current team played for the Providence Bruins most of the season. Your not a hockey fan till you see a game at the Bell Centre

First i started off by taking an elevator to the top of the tower which was amazing, great view of the downtown and Mont Royal. That was the peak of the tour it went downhill after that.

Then i took the tour of Stadium itself. I think it is safe to say that French architect Roger Taillibert should be hung from the tower. The building is ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside. Way too much concrete was used and the Tallibert was too concerned about creating a building that doesn't need columns to support the building. He made the stadium look like a spaceship. During the tour they had a swimming competition in the swimming pool area just behind the scoreboard wall, and a bicycle convention underneath the scoreboard. I almost got hit twice by an electric bike. At least they are getting some use out of it.

My findings are i hope the Al's never play there at all. That is one depressing stadium. No wonder nobody wants to hold a convention at the stadium. I think a better name for the stadium, is the stadium from hell. Thank god for Bono holding a concert so the Al's had to move there game to Molson Stadium, what a double blessing. Tallibert didn't even taking into consideration the climate of Montreal what an idiot. Mayor Jean Drapeau did a ton of great things for Montreal, but this is his mistake and Montreal is finally going to be free of his mistake later this year. Poor contruction that place isn't that old and its already falling apart. They should have used the same designers of the Bell Centre. That place is unbelievable, by far the best hockey arena i ever watched a game at.

If Montreal can put a over a billion dollars into a dump like the Big O then they could put 100 million into Molson Stadium which is a huge success. The Al's are here to stay, so is McGill. Just picture Molson Stadium with over 40,000 seats and having a few outdoor hockey games. Hey Michigan State had an outdoor hockey game with over 74,554 hockey fans thats the record. Any comments????????????/

Ya see!

You have to see it to believe it!
The tower is cool though

Just implode the whole thing & use the concrete to repave the streets of MTL...

The tower is OK, but stadium is crappy....but we all know that Kanga will say otherwise even if he never set foot into it...

I was there for the Grey Cup. Wasn't THAT bad, i thought. But then again, I was slight ly intoxicated when I got there, and quite intoxicated by the end, so....

When it is filled with 60,000 people they tend to hide the view

hey, one more GC game there, that all I ask (heck, I even go if yu want!), but If motreal does wannt it as a stadium anymore, turn it into a landmark like the Sydney Opera House or the CN tower. Don;t just destory it, it's a pretty building.

and I like Peter idea of transfoming Molson into a 40,000 seater, that wpould work wonders for the Al's.

that won't happen, by adding seats, you will part of Mount-Royal's view. Al's were able to add 5000 seats to the 20,000 seats and that was a miracle...

then I'm sorry, Montreal, but IMO you guys gotta build at least a 30,000 seater for the Al's to survine in Quebec. can't do that with Molson? then build a new staduim.

Really? And that assessment is based on what numbers? Care to share your marketing and operational plan for the Als?

there is over 3 million or close to that number in Montreal, and you guys only have a 25,000 stradium? that can't be expanded come Grey Cup time? you could do better!

Molson is just paln too damn small for Montreal.

This again Kanga?

Molson for the season The big O for the cup and MOntreal is surviving very well thank you very much

The Bid O is finshed as a football stadium and should become a world landmark, but Molson IMO isn't big enough in the long run for Montreal, that all I'm saying.

Don't tell me Molson cannot expand to 40,000, thats a bunch of crap. I'am from Boston and look at Fenway park they thought they couldn't expand that place either putting in Monster seats. Adding seats closer to the field, putting some on the roof. I think Fenway and Wrigley field proves you can add seats to old structures and still keep the character of the ball park. First off your not there to look at Mont Royal, your there to watch the game.

What would Jean Drapeau do? He would expand Molson and make the place a cathedral. Might i add at the taxpayers expense :lol: . So i would take my few trips up to Montreal enjoy the game and thank the natives for paying taxes for the stadium.

How about the Quebec lottery create an Alouettes scratch ticket game. Obviously money as prizes, but maybe tickets to games, player jerseys, brick at Molson with your name on it, and give away some pairs of season tickets for life. Just an idea, the Boston Redsox are doing this.

Interesting ideas Pete ... Fenway and Wrigley are comparable, although they also host much richer teams ... I like the lottery idea. The problem is, even though it's wildly popular the CFL still can't get the respect it deserves ... even though the Als could probably sell at least 30,000 tickets to every home game, the gov't doesn't seem to want to go for that sort of thing ...

Ro said it was a miracle that the 5000 seats were approved ... so does that mean that Molson will be able to seat 25000 in the next year or two?

See i went to Fenway for the first time in 3 years and wow you can really dress up a nice old structure. Fenway looks great and finally talks have stopped about bldg a new Fenway.

The owners of the Al's have to realize how much potential money they are losing out on. Montreal loves the Al's they need to start by adding little by little. They need a political insider to create enough noise in gov't to make this deal happen. Employee a few politicians family member :twisted: that how things work in Massachuesetts. Thats why are tunnels is collapsing