Results for week 12 in the Fantasy Huddle?

Someone seems to be asleep at the switch .... are there going to be results for week 12 or are they going to be combined with the week 13 results?

it's coming mate.

And you know this how KK
Since when do you tally the points?

becase Big dave said so, when he gets around to it, he will do it, just have a little faith in him.

wrong game KK
dave does the VGCC

Sambo is asking about the huddle

OH! my bad :oops:

I am not asleep on the switch. I however have a frekin' ton of work to do. Ans as much as I'd like to work on our CFL stuff instead of working, I can't for now and don't foresee when I'll be able to do it. I will tally weeks 12 and 13 at the same time, but will post them individually. I am sorry for the delay, but that's life.

Keep making your weekly picks.