Rested, healthy, hungry: Bo, Stamps ready for 2021

At the start of any CFL season, the thought of what Bo Levi Mitchell might be capable of is one that’s full of possibility.

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Even tho mich has to find new receivers i still think hes gonna have a big season. 2022 season will be even bigger with a gc win in sask

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Totally agree! :metal:

I love this interview because its shows (contrary to what many fans of other teams think), that Bo is a very classy, mature individual, who only speaks the truth. He talks about the importance of giving back to the community, being a leader on and off the field for his teammates, especially the younger guys. He even talks about family values and being a good family man. His clear commitment to our organization should give comfort to our fans and reinforce the likelihood his association with the Stamps may very well extend well beyond his playing days. How can you not admire the way he has taken Colton Hanchak under his wing?- the last player taken in the 2019 draft- frankly a throwaway pick for most organizations. But Bo Levi & Co. are working to make him an important contributor to this team- amazing! The values he and this team have is simply unmatched, which is obvious when this team just wins and wins with new/unknown players year after year