Restaurateur, Buys 10,000 Bills Tickets to avoid Black Out

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This is interesting, So knowing this i find the attendance figures in the nfl hard to believe !!

Salvatore was able to help the Buffalo Bills purchase the tickets under a policy in which NFL teams can buy their own unsold tickets for 34 cents on the dollar. The purchases can be made to lift a local TV blackout.

Why is this posted in the CFL talk section? Nothing to do with the CFL, should be moved to the Football (other) section.


It's the "usual suspects" trying their hardest to find anything negative about the NFL.
Yes, that's a real negative - only 60,000 tickets were actually sold to watch two last place

Oh, maybe, because when the Bills Series came to Toronto people were saying this is the start of the nfl coming to toronto and the end of the Argos and the CFL. The threat of the almighty nfl ! Well People dont forget and the Bills Series has been a colossal disaster and the CFL has survived once again to become even bigger and stronger :smiley:

The NFL is Officially Dead in Toronto.

Few people watch the NFL, mostly to check their sportsline, office pool or fantasy picks. Support for the NFL is 1-mile wide but only 1-inch deep across Canada, including southern Ontario where the CFL trounces the NFL on TV and at the turnstiles. :thup:

Those 10,000 Bills tickets are not really sold. The sponsor pays 34% of their face value into the player's pension fund. The Bills derive no income from these ticket "sales" but the NFL can still pronounce the game as "soldout" to perpetuate the charade. :roll:

I would say the "Bills Rogers experiment thingy" in Toronto is below the Marlies.

Mind you, Ralph is laughing as well as his family when Ralph passes on. :lol:

Show me da money honey, let's dance and party to that company way up dah in Canada that makes us more fun in the sunny honey, to play on our beaches in the funny sunny with our multimillionaire plush places, in the sunny, honey...

Thank you Rogers is what Ralph's family is singing... :stuck_out_tongue: You done gooooooooooood... Phil Lind, you da man. 8)

Wow. Reading this article leads me to believe the bills are in real trouble in buffalo.
They can’t rely on this guy to buy up all their tickets at 34 cents on the dollar every game.

If people in buffalo love the bills so much, maybe they need to start attending games.

bills will be going to L.A. or even London, a lot sooner than eveyone thinks :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they stay in Buffalo but when you have to rely on a foreign country to prop up your franchise and a restaurant owner to buy loads of tickets, they very well may be in trouble there.

and this is not solely isolated to the Bills either, as the Sabres also rely on Canadian ticket purchases to remain solvent.

I would have to agree. While Toronto was trying to bring the NFL to Canada the CFL has been picking up massive momentum everywhere else in Canada.
It is time for Rogers/MLSE to eat their crow and stop fighting it and and add the Argos to their stock of teams. Owning the stadium and all of the Multi Media outlets in Toronto it would cost them nothing to run the Argos. Rogers wants the Argos in Rogers Centre whether or not the people like it as it gives them another full Time tennant to the Building. If owned by the Rogers/MLSE Argos banners would be able to stay up during all events at Rogers center including Jays games. Argos Merchandise can be on sale year round at all of the other pro sporting events Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball. The Argos would no longer be out of sight out of mind but rather in sight and in Mind. All their corporate sponsors could easily be extended to the Argos. 18 weeks out of the year the Argos and the CFL are being viewed by 700K plus fans on TSN.

We'll see when Braley is ready to sell and see who is interested locally. The Bills are staying in Buffalo for a while now with the new 10 year lease and talk of a possible new stadium long term.

I don’t trust Tannebaum and his cohorts affiliated at Rogers - they have struck at the CFL once they will do it again

gem, with the Bills staying for a while in Buffalo I think people are smart enough to know that an NFL team in Toronto isn’t likely any time soon so why stop throwing money down the drain.

True Earl - but if the SUMMER OLYMPICS ever come to Toronto and a new stadium is built , I would bet that GODFREY - TANNEBAUM - LIND and two others would most definately push to serve in some capacity on that committee and in the end ( operating the facility - of course with tax payer money) and then bring the NFL to Toronto with a Rogers T.V. deal .Look at flush by with BMO field , or the sale of Sky-Dome .

By the time Toronto gets the Olympics, Godfrey, Tannebaum, Lind and et al are all going to be dead, along with a lot of us. I wouldn't worry to much waiting for that to happen.

True enough gem and true enough deer as well. And yup, if I'm dead I'll probably have other things on my mind at that point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if only 60,000 were truly sold then Salvatore purchased 13,967 to bring the stadium to capacity.