Restaurants and other haunts

Confederation Park is not a proposed site. The city has unveiled other plans for it.

Hutch's at the Harbour should obviously be put on. 325 Bay Street North

Also William's Coffee Pub is also nice at 47 Discovery Drive.

Close to the harbor, might be a bit tricky to pin acurately as it's on the waterfront and part of the trail system.

23 Augusta for The Ship. 8) And I don't even like seafood.

now here's where i probably make some enemies

but let me "esplain Lucy..."

many of the restaurants posted here are intriguing but.. the prices are far TOOO much for this town

even that horrible city down the QEW doesnt charge those prices..

and trust me, there are lots of great (and reasonably priced) ethnicly and gastronomically- superlative eateries in the Bad Place (T,O)

i suspect its the old chestnut of captive audiences..

but shame on ANY restaurant charging 25 for a main course and having the "ambiance" I saw there.

anyway food critic im not...

awaiting the torrent of "friends of the eateries in question.." rebuttals.

and then when you ve finished.. lets get back to football again, shall we..? :lol: :lol:

Hutch does it for me..

Yum Yum !

Sounds like their prices are not YOUR personal preference,
mine neither on a regular basis for that matter, smokey

but somebody must be keeping these restaurants in business,
many of them have been around for quite a long time now.

and then when you ve finished..

lets get back to football again, shall we..? :lol: :lol:

No, I am learning something. Exit stage left mon ami.

Some very nice people have started threads with
plenty of football talk in them just for you, smoke.

I suspect you're right, although maybe there's a "volume discount" aspect of it too, as Toronto restaurants probably have higher traffic. I know that Hamilton isn't the only city whose restaurants charge more than similar restaurants in Toronto.

Awaiting the torrent of "friends of the eateries in question.." rebuttals.
Let's hope it doesn't come to that. I'd rather this thread die a slow and painless death than turn into a food-fight.

My purpose in starting this thread was to get fans to talk about some of their recommended places, in or near Hamilton, where people could go for a meal or a few beers before or after the game. I suspect for most people coming to TiCats games, except for those coming from Toronto or east of it, it won't make financial or logistical sense to eat in Toronto and then come to Hamilton for the game, whether or not the restaurants are cheaper there than in Hamilton. So, overpriced or not, we can only do our best with what we've got.

There are at least two establishments that go by that name, and it's not clear to me whether or not they are under the same ownership. I had already added the one at the Harbourfront, and I just added the Van Wagner's Beach location. Is there a third, fourth, etc. that I've missed?

nicely done amigos..

your responses were in "good taste:"

made me kind of hungry too.... :wink: on to the BIG GAME tomorrow, no?

McDonalds on Barton lol
Just kidding there is a deli called Staropolskie delikatesy.
Its not as fancy as the places others have mentioned but they make great food and thats the point.
I also like Springers I think its on Kenilworth

Yes, a lot of them a very long time, indeed!

Not close to downtown, but great picks.

At Staropolskie deli ( Barton one block east of Sherman) i recommend the Polish hamburger on rye with their in house mustard.

Springers, on Morley just east of Parkdale has Schnitzel sandwiches on Thursdays. The frickin' monster schnitzels hang way out either side of the sangwich! Awesome!

I still love the Black forrest Inn not for after game food mind you but still good food none the less and reasonable prices as well. We used to hit up harvest burger a fair bit after bar nights at hess. Safin grill downtown is another hot spot for chicken shwarma after enjoying the night life. As for a place to enjoy a few drinks before a game in the summer I'd have to pick Gown and Gavel. Further West which isn't a long drive before a game is Snooty Fox and Montfords.

Unless Joe has opened a restaurant, I'm thinkin' you mean Montfort. :wink:

And yes, I've had the best chicken shawarma form the Safin grill on Mall road. Went there on a recommendadation that certainly panned out! Definately gotta try the one downtown!

Ya thats what I meant. Theres Pita Pit as well if people want to just have something quick to grab and cheap. As well there is the Kelseys across from Westdale and Boston Pizza near Mac Hospital Swiss Chalet is there to if people are looking for more affordable options then the others listed.

Captain I prefer the mountain one as it is a tad bit newer and a lot cleaner, but downtown is still good give it a try. Safin Grill is by far my fav quick lunch or dinner (Chicken and Rice)

While certaibly not bad choices, I try to stay away from the corporate "boxed food' restaurants, and try to patronize independantly owned and run places.

Any first hand reports of Cottage Living on King and Bay ( the old Regal hotel) or the London Tap House on Main and John?

Haven't been to either yet.

I'm the same way Capt, I try to stay away from the corporate stuff.

The Tap House is very decent. Good food and very classy place. I defiantly recommend hitting the patio on a warm day. Only negative: I would not recommend it on Friday and Saturday nights, later in the evening. They got a dance club going on one of the top floor so the place is full of lil pencil neck popped collar dweebs.

It's the dirtiness of the downtown one that makes it taste better.
Actually there's about 5 or 6 locations now, and its changed its name to Sana Grill.
A new one is opening on King West between Caroline and Hess. Right across the road from Vida-la-Pita (formerly Eat-a-Pita). A little competition coming up.

as far as upscale dining - definetely.

It's great. + I like Shakespere's even more.....