Restaurants and other haunts

In the "West Harbour....& Parking" thread, AKT started a sub-thread on pre-game restaurants downtown
and post-game bars. I think it's a good topic that deserves its own thread, so I'm starting it.

Here's a summary of what we have already, along with their contributers

-MEXI-CAN (just north of York)
Thai Memory on King William beside Lister block, and Dalina ( Egyptian) beside fire Dept. HQ on King William. [me: did that used to be called My Thai, or is that different?] [url=] ... /23005074/[/url] (Portuguese)

Ventura's Signature Restaurant near the Armouries. Excellent Portuguese food.

The whole James Street North has so much culture and is a sleeping giant about to explode [me: any favourites?]

La Piazza Allegra (James South)

That's it before the thread got back on topic. What are your suggestions? What about suggestions for other non-food related game day activity?

I think the Winking Judge is a great place if you like micro-brewed beer (as I do).

Sirloin Cellar

If only I had scrolled up. Oops. There was also Acclamation

August 8, great sushi and all day dim sum. Not as far as James St. North but not too far off.

B & T near Copps, good stuff.

Been a while since I went in the B&T on Park and Cannon. the place comes with a warning, the wait staff doesn't peak English and the place is aways packed, Good Vietnamese cuisine when I went

Not fancy B&T for sure but hey, you can get a beer there!

[url=] ... view&id=79[/url] The Arbor

Papagayo, 246 King Street West, just east of Hess.

My Thai, 21 John st. S.

Slainte, 33 Bowen

Certainly lots more restaurants down in this part of the city then up top near Rymal or the Red HIll Valley. But then, is this even relevant to the discussion of where to put the stadium although this isn't another stadium location thread, is it? :wink:

I dunno, but I'm getting hungry!

Acclamation very good food

Next door to the Judge, also with micros: [url][/url]
Better gator than I've had in Florida or Louisiana.

A couple other great places on James, although not really post-game types...

On James North: [url][/url]
(I need only say 3 words: "Pulled Pork Poutine")

On James South: [url][/url]
(Seriously. Hamilton actually has an Ethiopian restaurant. And it's awsome.)

Yeah thats usually a good sign that you're going to get something authentic :lol:

IMHO, Augusta street is the place to go to eat and drink these days. The Ship has fabulous seafood, The Winking Judge has the best beer in town ( ). Gallagher's isnt bad at all but their live music nights get a little too loud if you want have a conversation while eating. Pheasant Plucker has great atmosphere as well as Out An' About. That whole area is really doing great witch is so nice to see in Hamilton.

One of the best fine dining secrets is also in that area: Boo's Bistro ( ) Right on James South . I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone for special occasions ( be prepared to drop $100-140 for a diner for two). Excellent food, beutifull, romantic decor and great staff. And you definitely need a reservation on weekends.

For Asian cuisine I'd recommend Crystal Dynasty on Cannon. Haven't been there in a while so I'm not sure if its still as good but last time I was there the General Tzao chicken was fan-freakin-tastic.

How quaint. How long has that been there?

On James South: [url][/url] (Seriously. Hamilton actually has an Ethiopian restaurant. And it's awsome.)
Just heard about it from a colleague at work last week. He raved about the food and the experience of the staff guiding him through his introduction to eating the Ethiopian way.

Yeah, Wassie's the best!

Hamilton's looking good.

[url=] ... re=related[/url]

I love the Flatbread and Antijitos at The Honest Lawyer, the service though does leave something to be desired at time. Lots of room though, which is a plus as well as Guitar Hero and Foosball and I suspect that punching machine will be getting used a lot more before I Ti-Cat game.


Although it doesn't really need to be mentioned, all of Hess Village. I particularly like the Gown & Gavel and the Ceilidh House


Old Slainte's needs a shoutout, I've been going there for years.


If I want Dim Sum I like Harvest Moon when I'm downtown.


I've compiled most of these suggestions into a user defined google map. I'll add the rest soon. You can find the map here (I think)

[url=] ... 5ff51&z=12[/url]

(let me know if the link doesn't work)
The restaurants are in blue. Ivor-Wynne and the Tiger Town Store are yellow (of course). The Ticket-to-Ride pick-up locations are in Green.

If you have any suggestions for things other things you think I should include, let me know.

Tourism Hamilton needs to copy and paste this link to their site. Great work :thup:

Perhaps the proposed new stadium sites, obviously the Rheem plant but also the Airport lands and Confederation Park.