Restart Button.

Half way through the season our boys and even us fans have time to take a breath
granted we are 1-6 i do believe the “tough” part of our schedule is in fact over.

7 of our last 11 games are against the inferior East division, and regardless of
what the standings say I do believe that the Tiger-Cats are the best team coming out of the East not Toronto!

So what do we all think?
-7/11 vs. the East
-West teams we play are Saskatchewan Edmonton Winnipeg and BC (Only winnipeg being an away game!)

Will we see a big second half turn around ? Zach back, CJ back, O-line helathy ?

I say YES!

it cant be much worse then the first half


I like to see the glass as being half full instead of half empty. Actually we still have more than half the games to play and here’s hoping that we DO get some injured players back especially our O line starters and Collaros. I think we can have a series of wins down the stretch. Would LOVE to see the team stick it to the Riders in September. Their offense has not been good so IF the Ticats can handle their D (not an easy task) it could be done. But of course the first order of business is winning the LDC

Sadly, we have to finish 8-3 to get to .500.

Not sure I see this team doing that. Even in the East.

Well looks like we are 1-6, close games or not, we have to start winning. A better game penalty wise, but still a lose! Lets get rested and healed up during the bi-week and come back to ope TIM HORTONS FIELD WITH A LABOUR DAY WIN! GO ACTS GO! lets hope Montreal losses against the Riders and we will reman in 2nd place!

Our healthy vs Toronto’s healthy I don’t think we are better than them, doesn’t mean we can’t be when it counts.

I am a loyal Ticats fan . As are many of you.
I don't like our current record but I will continue to support this team for the remainder of the season.
Where I draw the line is effort. I can fault this teams record but I can't fault there effort. This team tries it's best on every play. They are fighters ( like the city they represent) and win or lose I will always back a fighter .
Lets get that record turned around in the last 11 games .
Chin Up ! Keep fighting.

Well said! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Montreal looks like it's abandoned the Troy Smith experiment so I think they'll have a better second half which really puts the pressure on this team. A restart for Hamilton really centres around Collaros's return but realistically, how much can you expect from a guy who has been injured for most of the year and who was new to the team to begin with. These games that he's missed should've been the games where he and his receivers were getting to know each other.

Montreal lost tonight but they played better behind Brink. If they turn the corner with the new coaches and Brink, it's hard to be optimistic.

An Argo-Cat fan

I spent most of the last game yelling at the TV. I don't know... I was glad to see some improvement on discipline against the Stampeders. Less yards lost from penalties this time. Just wasn't enough I guess.

Some of those close losses in previous games may have been wins if it wasn't for stupid penalties.

Brink is terrible.
I’m not worried about Montreal.

Restart what? There is nothing to restart considering there is no OLine and no running back that hits the hole hard. Every other team is able to run the ball except Hamilton and Ottawa. Chevon Walker is nothing more than a glorified Deandra Cobb. I have lost all confidence in Kent Austin. The season is done just like the team.

Face facts Tiger-Cat fans this team could not beat Toronto currently especially not against Ricky Ray, we have beaten Ottawa but they could easily beat us as well with Burris and Montreal maybe? No way are the games against the Eastern teams easy or a cakewalk for this team by any stretch.

Fact One: We have NO QB, even when we did, We still had NO QB, WE have 5 Back ups at best.

Fact Two: Our O-Line needs a lot of Work still before we get any better.

Fact Three: We still take way too many penalties as a team and it's killing us on the field.

Fact Four: The Cats have been playing on the road for almost two years now, with NO home field, just make shift, jerry rigged stadiums.