Rest of the coaching staff

When are they going to finish assembling the coaching staff, RB and DB coaches?

8) Also will special teams coach, Jim Daley be retained ??? Sure doesn't look like it after all this time has gone by.
   What about the likes of Drew Allemang , head of Canadian Scouting ??  He has been highly touted among CFL executives,
    as having a very bright future in the CFL !!

     Also no news on our American scouting staff, and what is the future of Danny MaC with the team now ??

      No mention of anything at all yet, with regards to these questions !!!

Exactly. After the coordinators were named, you would expect the rest of the coaching staff would have been completed, but instead silence.

You have a General Manager who, to my knowledge, has zero experience being a General Manager. He's muddling his way through it.

??? Austin has been a Head Coach before and HC hire their assistants.

Paperwork might already be done but the org holding off on formal announcements for any number of reasons (coaches interviewing for jobs down south, Austin still evaluating staff). Plus, no CFL team would announce anything significant during Superbowl week. I expect the Cats to start announcing signings either this week or the next.

Hope so.

And on cue, Ti-Cats announce the hiring of Reinebold and Stanley.

Fixed it for you.

Looks like Reinebold could be good. He certainly has lots of varied experience. I wish him and Stanley much success.

I do want to thank Jim Daley for his excellent work on special teams. I think he did a good job and deserves appreciation for that.

I wonder if Ozzie will be back to work with the kickers. I hope so. Also wondering about scouting staff and player personnel. I hope Danny Mac returns. Jordan02, I'm not sure how you figure it's fixed re Drew Allemang. There's been no announcement, has there?

As has been noted already, with the amount of time that's gone by it seems less likely there will be returnees.

What about the others in Football Operations that are supposed to report to the GM? As mentioned by previous posters: US and Canadian scouting staff, Player Personnel Director, Assistant GM, etc., etc....
The HC and the assistant coaches are only part of it.