Rest in peace Ray Jones

"taken from the Steve Milton from The Hamilton Spectator "
The worst part — and there’s not even a second place — of Day 12 at Hamilton Tiger-Cats training camp, was finding out that Ray Jones had died Wednesday night, at the age of 86.

Jones had been athletic trainer of Canada’s men’s national basketball team when he became the Ticats’ trainer in 1980 and he remained in that post until 1996. But “Jonesy” was a welcomed, personality-filled, fixture around the ballpark long after that. Even in a wheelchair, he always made his rounds of the field and fans before coming to the press box to watch and comment on every game with close friend, broadcaster Warren Beck. He’ll be missed … greatly."

My Thought's

If any of you have got to meet Ray or Jonesy as he was called by many
You would have realized what a wonderful man he was and what a great sense of humour he had. I was fortunate enough to speak to him on several occasions before he retired from his job as head trainer.

There wasn't a day that he didn't make me laugh
He cared about people and I think that's why he was a great trainer

Rest in Peace sir.

Reminders, and a farewell mark Day 12 of Ticat camp | (behind a Paywall)


Reminders, and a farewell mark Day 12 of Ticat camp can read it for free with torstar account on hamilton news

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This photo of Ray Jones and Dr. David Levy carrying Ben Zambiasi off the field in 1980 is well known


RIP Ray Jones.

I know this may not sound appropriate but we used to get a kick out of watching Ray Jones try to walk out on the field to tend to injured players. Always thought the player would make a full recovery by the time he made it out there and they should have sent a second trainer out to look after Ray :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Condolences to his family and no doubt he will be sorely missed by the team and all who knew him. Sounded like a great guy.

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Ray Jones always seemed larger than life.

I heard stories how he would even help fans that injured themselves in the stands.

R.I.P. Mr. Jones


He did
I remember one time I guy was dancing on the Ticats dugout at Ivor Wynne Stadium
It was raining and he slipped. he spanned ankle
he had staff being guy into dug out
he Wrap his leg and joked with guy before sending off with security in a golf cart


Jonesy was larger than life and appeared to be gruff however, on the inside he was a teddy bear. I met him numerous times through a friend who coached basketball at Mohawk College and friends of the Boy J Boys. A great human being who will be sadly missed by all. R.I.P kind sir.


I never meet him but I did meet Dr Levy