Rest Durant?

Do we need to rest Durant again? I say play him to win this game and then if he is still hurting, or swollen from the flight, then alternate him with Willy as much as necessary to promote healing. We need him in the long run. We would be 4 pts. ahead of the Stamps and would have won the season series. We need Durant mobile, not just OK.

I think you have to play him this game. Yes it is early, but this will give us the edge in the season series, which could be very important this year in grabbing first place! If we do need to rest him, do it against an East opponent.

I think without a doubt you start him this week. This what we're built for, to beat the Stamps. If he can go against Hamilton a week after initial injury he should be able to go this week. That being said if this game is in the 20+ points gap in our favor in the second half I think you pull him. Even if it's at the half. I think the only way Willy starts is if Darian starts warming up and knows something isn't right. Like last week. Given the steaks I think he'll be way to stubborn to not start.

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Pretty much a gimme that he is playing. This is a chance for the season series.

This to me is a season changing game, like last year if we lose it can send our season in a spiraling losing streak. OR it can be the platform that we use the momentum from after beating the second best team in the league that can send us to the Grey Cup. Durant HAS to start, he's having the season of his life, Willy is reliable but some of the throws he made into the endzone last game into double coverage were scary, do that vs the Stamps they'll take over the game. Sure we have Sheets but we cannot run him into the ground like we have been. This is our biggest test, @Calgary, West Semi rematch against the team that ended our winning streak last year.

DD should and will play, this is the only team IMO that can give the Riders a problem!! A must win, and it will be a close game!! If we win, there is no stopping us, if we lose, gonna be an interesting season. I think we will come out on top, but it will be close and DD is a big part of winning this game. It's gonna be a barn burner that's for sure.

Of course he pays, he could have last game. 2 weeks rest, he plays!