Response from Dave Perkins

If you think the CFL is a major league, I suggest you shouldn't begiving anyone else advice on making sense. Regards, Dave Perkins

mention the argos have better attendance and way better ratings than the jays. so they're more 'major' than the bluejays.

Wow, what a prick. He's giving us boys from Toronto a bad name.

But it could just be like someone else posted, he wants us to send him a lot of replies so he can look all edgy and controversial to his boss. Just ignore the jagoff and let the game/fans/ratings speak for itself.

Bingo!!! That's the best advice. Writers are never going to change their opinion because of what someone else thinks. They just want readers. And..the more p***** off people get, just cements the fact that idiots like them have readers.

Argos 30,000/game x (9 reg + 1 exb + 1 playoff) home games = 330,000fans/year

Jays 20,000/game x 81 home games = 1.62 million fans/year…

Guys… I love the CFL and collectively it represents much more than the Jays to Canada… but the fact of the matter is that in the 1 in 4 Canadians live between Oshawa and Niagra Falls and it would seem as if in terms of attendance… the Jays outdraw the Ti-Cats and Argos combined by about 5:2…

The same applies for TV ratings… game for game sure these teams beat the Jays. But who do you think sells more advertising revenue?

Any MLB team that plays 81 home games would outdraw a football team. Even if the Argos got 100,000 fans/game.

Another idiot in the Toronto media...ho hum...

this theory would prove correct IF, there were NO SEASON TICKETHOLDERS.

the fact is, over half the argos and jays attendance is the same people every game - season ticket holders. ( and the argos have more season ticket holders than the jays )

had the argos had that many homegames per year, they'd get 30K every game for 80 something games.

using your theory, the jays should have more of a following than the leafs right?

Dave Perkins represents everything that is wrong with the national/Toronto media.

In that they can't think for themselves. Whatever they hear from down south is what they think as well. The Americans say hockey sucks. So these guys repeat the same thing. Ad nauseum.

Another problem is these guys are mainly baseball fans. Ever read them say a negative thing about baseball, the way they put down the CFL and hockey? Of course not.

Never mind the Jays have lost millions every year. Never mind Raptors and NBA TV ratings are microscopic. Its only the cFL that has problems in their eyes?

And anybody who puts down their own country in favor of another? I say here's a two dollar bus ticket to Buffalo. One way. Perkins is an idiot. Lets hope he retires soon so we can replace dinosaurs like him.

Well, TorontoIsMyHome, at least you got a response from him.

I have in the past couple of weeks emailed both Rick Matsumoto and Damien Cox at the Star, asking them what's up with the Argos trading Stokes for Karikari and then turning around and releasing Karikari so quietly...........they have written nothing in the paper about it nor have either of them replied to me. So the fact that you actually got a response is something.

may i ask who is Dave Perkins?

TIMH, what did you write to him?

I would like to send something his way ... something along the lines of "Are you Canadian? Do you write for a Canadian paper? Do you have any respect for Canadian culture? If so, please explain why you feel the need to continually slam Canadiana and instead worship the American hype factory."

What do you think?

Sounds good to me!
Go for it.

Baseball guys like Perkins must just hate that the CFL games get ratings that match and exceed MLB games. It must drive them bonkers. Funny thing is they show this up front and the rest of us can laugh at them. Dumb, dumb. I actually like reading Perkins' stuff because he shows his trump so easily, easy to figure out and therefore you don't take anything he writes too seriously, he let's the cat out of the bag too much. He needs to learn to be able to play the game more with how he writes, fool around with people more, don't tell them what he really thinks. Bottom line he's way too predictable to take intelligently. But I like him as obviously he ain't the brightest light in the world, I feel a bit sorry for him to be honest.

Perkins represents a fairly narrow view of what makes a sports league worthy or legitimate. Comparing the CFL to the NFL on the basis of size, economics and publicity is far too simplistic an approach.

If you want to say that the CFL isn't a viable league because it isn't as big as the NFL, isn't as rich and pretty much is ignored by the american media...well,
using those standards, you could say Canada isn't a viable country because it isn't as big as the U.S., not as rich and is pretty much ignored by the american media. Most canadians I think would argue that the importance of a country can't be determined by such a simplistic approach, yet, those are usually the parameters used to judge the CFL.

It's rare to hear the media discussing the wonderful things the CFL has brought to Canada. What a unifying force it is across the country. How culturally important it is to have a team from Regina come into Toronto or Montreal and vise versa. The CFL in it's own small way is nation building and has been for over 100 years.

So, without going on too much, I would suggest that you could easily argue that the CFL is as important a league in terms of what it gives to its host country as the NFL is.

You're right. For example...what's the population of the U.S.? Roughly 10 times that of Canada?

Eight teams in the to get something comparable, the NFL would have to have a 80 teams in their league!

Silly, rinky-dink NFL. Only 32 teams? Got some catching up to do! :wink:

That makes no more sense than things in Perkins' world.

I wonder though if it isn't more on an issue of being global? The World Series and Superbowl are broadcast in how many countries? How about the Grey Cup?

Whether you agree with his mentality or not, I think that may be more what they mean when they say it "matters".

Me, I could care less if people in Tokyo don't know who last won the Grey Cup. :?

Me, I could care less if people in Tokyo don't know who last won the Grey Cup

Neither do I CR!!

Be sure to send a copy to your MP, and emphasize the Canadian culture angle, they love that stuff.

I think a lot of us, consciously or unconsciously, many times, give too much power to what journalists write. They are, after all, just writers for newspapers, not elected officials. Sure, newspaper writers can have some effect on the general population but I think more and more people are realizing that they are just people who work for a private company, writing about this or that. Elected officials also know about these writers and shake their heads at them I'm sure, like we do.

Relax...with the exception of Toronto, baseball in Canada is just like Hockey in the US - a niche sport, nothing more. (Of course there are some writers living in the past who still think this is 1992). I wouldnt generalize about Toronto media - there are plenty of writers/media who love the CFL and give it its proper due in the Toronto media.

Unfortunetely, 6 months a year the rest of Canada has to get beat over the head with Blue Jay reports on the 3 Toronto Sports Networks, uh, I mean Canada's 3 Sports Networks. But with a 5 mil. population - thats how it goes.