Responding to "Dear Caretaker"

On a completely different topic:

Our apologies for the forums being down for a couple of days. We did a poor job of informing our fans (including me) that this was happening (as in: we failed to give you any warning at all) and then failed to let anyone know when they came back up again.

I'd promise to do better in future but, other than yelling at the people in charge, I don't really have much influence in CFL technology deployments. Sigh.

It's all good. I honestly don't get all the whining about it. Works well and no functionality is missing.
Communication would have been a good idea but I wouldn't yell at anybody. ;D

my hometeam wrote:

"Two Grey cup appearances, Two eastern division championships. Finished first in east. Hosted the eastern semi final twice and won both. All within 5 years."

myhometeam: The Austin record I look at is 16 losses and 7 wins....including a 60-1 blowout. All within 13 months! And he alone has complete control of how this team is run. Alarm bells should be ringing loudly.

  1. Yes, pretty good for a suck up reply !! Unreal !! ::slight_smile:

I thought he was GM too; I know he isn't just coach, so what else is he? Ok, so the GM, Tillman, has to do a better job and the coach has to do a better job of game planning. My apologies to KA for putting a hat on him that he doesn't wear; not sure where I got that from.

Out of clean clothes that is funny. I have run into a couple of Ticat fans here on Vancouver Island, but not many; most are Seahawk fans...of course.

tabbyfan: You are not wrong. As V-P Football Operations, Austin is responsible FOR the GM's job. He hired Tillman.

Bob-- can you get us -- the paying fans--an explanation as to why the clock didn't stop on the last drive when tasker went out of bounds?

it cost at least 2 plays, and maybe the game.
Wins are few and far between for TC fans.

We need an explanation from the league on this one.

I couldn't get in for the last couple of days, Bob.

I thought for a bit that it was my ISP, my computer settings that might have been causing the grief or worse that the forum was shut down permanently!!!!

It's a relief to know that none of the above was true.

Thank you, Bob, for continuing to provide us with a great opportunity to inform, entertain and console each other. if I could just learn how to post images!!???