Responding to "Dear Caretaker"

I love you guys*.

These forums are never a happy place after a loss, the more losses the unhappier these forums, but a 60-1 loss that leaves us at 0-5 puts these forums in uncharted territory.

Here is a bit of driftwood for Ticats fans to cling onto - namely that if we'd gone into Calgary and lost 21-20 we might be trying to convince ourselves that we were not that bad and were getting better, despite the fact that our record would still have been 0-5. Then we would have looked at our list of injuries and other bits of bad luck as reasons for our record, when they would have been excuses.

As the great Ron Lancaster never hesitated to remind himself and anyone who would listen - you are your record. And we are an 0-5 football team. And this despite having a lot of talent in our locker room. The Ticats locker room is madder and more frustrated than anyone posting here.

We know we have things to fix, so we will fix them. It will take us a few weeks, but stay tuned.

Meantime, as was pointed out in another thread here, the worst loss in Ticats history was in 1956 to Montreal 82-14, and the Ticats bounced back the next week to beat Montreal 50-11. Let's encourage the 'Cats to take out their frustrations on Edmonton this Friday.

Cheers, your Ticats caretaker, Bob.

*"guys" is used above in the inclusive non-gender sense of the word.

You are a class act Mr Young!!!

We are lucky to have ya. :thup:

An 0-5 Tiger Cats is better than having no team at all. :wink:

Not sure what you have up your sleeve, but I'm looking forward to finding out :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reality check. A lot of frustrated fans on here - myself included - venting after an embarrassing loss. And perhaps some have been thinking that no one was paying attention. So, the key message here is in your statement, "We know we have things to fix, so we will fix them." As in, you and your management team are paying attention, and realize there is a problem, and have committed to correcting things..

And yes, it will take a few weeks. But hopefully not too much longer?


             Thanks a million for responding to us all here on the forum!

             Venting is good therapy for us loyal fans. But I am sure we can all appreciate how much have invested in this team and  how much the Tiger-Cats mean to you.  
             I'd say you are facing some very tough decisions right about now. The CFL has changed a lot and the teams have improved a lot since you bought the Tiger-Cats. Being ready for the future is a constant process.
             Maybe the answer is more complicated from your vantage point than it is from ours.  
             I wish you well in looking for a successful solution.  <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

Bob, sorry but I refuse to call you Caretaker. You are the owner (which I am very grateful for) and I think calling you caretaker makes light of your responsibilities. Just my humble opinion (then again, it took me 5 or 6 years to start liking your updated logo).

I agree things need to be fixed, but they have been like that for almost a year now. Our last win against a QB that is still in the league was Labour Day last year. In fact since Labour Day 2016 our record is 2 -10. So the fact it took a 60 - 1 thumping to say things need to be fixed is not good. And cleaning house 28% of the way though the season is giving up on the season (not that you said you would clean house). I am no expert and don't know where to start to fix things. Hopefully your staff does.

Thanks for never giving up and somehow always staying positive.

Austin is clearly a great football coach. As soon as he was hired in Hamilton, we became contenders, and have been contenders consistently.

In my opinion, this poor stretch is about key injuries. We have been devastated by injuries to key players. Do you think our offence would still stink if we had Fantuz and Tolliver in there?

While we may be challenged to climb out of the hole we now find ourselves in, I know Austin and his staff are working very hard to fix things.

Firing Austin is not the answer.

I think the smartest way to try to right the ship is bringing in NFL cuts soon to plug our holes, or cutting/trading a key player who has underperformed to send a message to the team that lack of effort/results is unacceptable. That's what I would do.

You have already pointed out the fallacy in your post when you claim Austin is a great coach.
The fact that we need more and better players (not mention the perennial game planning and play calling issues) is Austin's problem! He is also V-P Football Operations and responsible for the GM's job......why has he not done a better job!!!! Any head coach would give their right arm for that much control.

Injuries are always a problem. Did you not watch that fiasco Friday night? Calgary's backups would be starters anywhere else. THAT is the situation we should be in. Austin has not produced. If he needed more money he should have made his case better.

Mr. Young.... continuity is the key to long term success in pro sports. Please reassure Coach Austin we support him. While this year has been frustrating and exhausting, Coach Austin has shown the ability to achieve results. Stay the course!

Thank you Mr. Bob for taking the time to try to allay our fears, but we are a fearful group.
Without your investment of time and money we would have no team about which to bit**.

We love you too Bob. :thup:

Thanks Caretaker.

Although i wish we woulda lost 21 to 20… My co workers are still laughing at me for the Cats only scoring 1 point… :’(

thanks Caretaker.

Hey, Beetlejuice....where you been for the past year or more ???

I've missed your comments on here !!! :smiley:

Well for me it is the play calling; and it doesn't matter what the problem is it all falls onto a single person, Coach/GM Austin. If we have numerous injuries than it is his job as GM to ensure the team has depth to fill the spots. If the opponent is shutting down the pass then it is his job to ensure that a counter measure is installed. If the players are only giving 60% then it is his job to put someone in that spot that is giving 100%. So go ahead, say it is the injuries that are causing the poor play, but where are the scouted backups that can fill those vacancies? Putting a backup player in, playing him 2 games and then releasing him because he isn't good enough is a sign that the GM doesn't know what he is doing.

My 2 cents.

But I went out today wearing my Ticats hat, they are still my team...they just suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I do think our offence would still stink with Fantuz and Toliver in there… you are delusional. Until the Ticats play or acquire a QB that can routinely run & throw with timing, accuracy & some zip, the team will fail to win the Grey Cup. And all the teams deal with key injuries and will continue to do so. Austin himself says they have depth so this cannot be excused.

I don’t believe that Austin is the GM as well . Tillman is GM with two assistant GM’s. It’s his/their responsibility to find players, not Austin.
And I wore my Ticat Tee Shirt today and was asked many times…“did you run out of clean clothes?” I wear it proudly.

"Austin has not produced"


Two Grey cup appearances, Two eastern division championships. Finished first in east. Hosted the eastern semi final twice and won both. All within 5 years.

Austin is a career less than 500. Coach. I would take Dickinson and Huff Nagel over Austin and Tillman any day of the week.

Pretty good post...Cheers!!