Respect to Agro Fans

Respect to any Argo fans who made the trek to Ivor Wynne this afternoon, and felt the heat from drunk Hamilton hecklers (myself included). You certainly didn’t deserve it today :wink:

ohh noo they deserved worse! people these days. right behind me sat a family of 5 argo fans. 1 of the kids had a one of those horns & kept blowing into it every 2.3 seconds.. The game was terrible so my friends & I decided to record the time it takes for the kid to blow into the horn. It averaged out to about every 2.3 seconds. My ears are absoutley killing me PLUS! it was hot & the other 2 kids that were with the family kicked me several times in the back. It was terrible. just terrible. & im obviously kidding, there just kids.

They put up with alot, if Im not mistaken I believe I saw a Hamilton fan pour beer into a argo's fans tuba. yes he had a tuba in the crowd.

We're not allowed to bring in noisemakers and the such, but blue team fans can bring a band, cow bells, horns, etc...

Bob, do you see a problem here?

I know quite a few decent ones, but like I told a blue team fan friend of mine at the tailgate, there are idiots in every crowd. I saw a blue team fan in his 20's (and he was not a small fellow) challenging a Ticat fan who was easily in his 60's to a fight. It was very classy as well as another one saying something to some female Ticat fans that would definately be censored on this site.

There are good fans and idiots in every crowd.

I like seeing the blue team's cheerleaders, their unofficial band, and respectable fans make the trip to IWS. As BG pointed out, there are bad apples in every bunch and we definitely have our share too.

Lot of class with the Argo band, nice to see. In the same section though (section 29) when Mike M was doing his speech at halftime some idiot Cat Fan was standing up chanting Morrealle Sucks, I bet the band was impressed

i was in section 29 too and heard that, what a fucking idiot