Respect the Lions

Calling all Lions fans! Is it me or do the BC Lions get very little respect on the CFL forum considering how well we did last year, and how great we are keeping pace this year given our current injury situation? We get no props for winning and everyone is on us when we lose.

I know I'm trying to do my part to show these posters that Lions fans are no pushovers. We're the best fans in the CFL of the best team in the CFL.

No, no... we've had this discussion before. We all respect the B.C. Lions. We just don't respect you and your twin.

Why are you in the Lions forum? Guess that's what happens when your team is in last place. You have to start cheering for a winner.

I'll remember you saying you respect the Lions next time you make a typical Chief comment.

Go for it. :wink:

Lots of very biased opinions on this forum , that's why I can't be bothered to get involved in many discussions anymore. I'm finding it to be a waste of time. Lionbackers is a way better forum , way more knowledgeable posters there.

...I agree, particularily from the conjoined twins...

No doubt.
I wonder what those "way more knowledgable fans" are talking about this morning?
The article featuring Matt Dunnigan and concussions?
And what are these knowledgable fans saying?
Retire, Dave, retire.

Take your time recovering, Dave. If the symptoms do not clear up completely, move on to the next stage of your working life.

No one could ever ask more than you have already given. You have set a standard for BC Lions quarterbacks that will benefit the team for years to come. Your role modeling off the field has been equally good.

Thank you for leading us to the Grey Cup in 2006. You are Aces in my book.

Anyway, see you in the funny papers!

I agree, it certainly takes a lot more effort on these boards to say something that should be second nature. When you join these two words 'Lions + injuries' or 'Lions + Grey Cup' you are sure to get hell for it on this site. Don't ever, ever mention the fact that the Lions have two QB's injured because every other team has it just as bad.

I honestly feel badly for a lot of people on this site. A lot of them are going to be pulling out their hair when the Lions repeat as Grey Cup Champions this year with our third-string QB.

yes the lions deserve more respect
if you want a real lions fan site go to

I'm about to join there soon. Those people actually seem to have a slight grasp on reality.

...realistically its probably a smart move RLR, you'll be surrounded by people who you can relate to and before long you'll be a hero over there....who knows, maybe even a mod?....

Ya, we'll see. It's nice to be able to talk to people on your own level.

I should resist another post here...
I should, but....

"We hate to see you go,
We hate to see you go,
Thank god you're leaving, but we hate to see you go!"

..if by level you mean people who live breathe eat crap everything BC Lions then yes you'd probably have loads of fun...

He probably doesn't realize it, but he just insulted every single member on that forum... :lol:

You probably don’t realize it, but I just insulted you.

Hey Redand white/Chief you guys got any snow there yet?

Um... no... :expressionless:

They're not the only ones , many others are just much better at disguising themselves...

I thought Toronto is the only other team on their 3rd string? I know a few other teams have lost their starter but not their top 2 have they? I know Montreal was on their second string, whose maybe to good to be a backup in 28 year old Marcus Brady, but i mean they just lost Calvillo. Saskatchewans got Kerry Joseph, Edmonton got Ricky Ray, Calgary Henry Burris, Winnipeg Kevin Glenn, Toronto's got Bishop back.

So i'd have to say from that, once even just Buck Pierce comes back, watch out CFL. If dickenson comes back and lasts the rest of the year...hahaha run and hide