respect the gopher

the gopher is the perfect prairie animal it is tough,hardworking,industrious,dilligent. these are the traits that make the riders great. hail gainer,hail gainer,hail gainer :lol:

gophers are all those things? Perhaps, but they're also ritually drowned and/or shot around here...not sure of any other place you could get only a nickel for your tail... :stuck_out_tongue:

To those that say we need a new mascot, I say that is blasphemous!!! Gainer has been an icon for over 30 years. He is a full member of my family and a rodent for a mascot is perfect. I am in total support of a gopher as our mascot and hero. Fear the gopher! He is more powerful than YODA!!!

The Golpher population in saskatchewan is at an all time high and having gainer as the riders mascot increases our fanbase to about 45 million (plus or minus highway hits or misses). That's rider nation right there lol.

PS those figures don't include the golphers in other cities that proudly display their green and sneek into other stadiums and raise havoc during away games

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