Respect for the past will benefit the future

From 1953 to 1972 the Ticats won 6 grey cups, thats 6 in 19 years about one every 3 yrs.
From 1950 to 1972 the cats had 11 appearances in the grey cup thats 11 in 22yrs. about once every 2 yrs. and also finished in first place in the east division 13 times.
The Ticats had grey cup appearances in 1984,85 and won it in 86(awesome),but lost a heartbreaker in 1989 to Sask.
What I'm getting at here is that during those era's The Hamilton Tigercats were the talk of the town and everyone was extremely proud to be a fan. Our parents were fans and passed that to us.
With a new stadium and a sucessful team both on and off the field the Tigercats will once again dominate as they have shown by there illustrious past.

One issue is that some people feel like associating themselves with the "bigger and more" is better attitude and anything small must be no good. I think also a lot of people have lost the sense of Hamilton as community and a place to be proud of. Rather it's more cool now to associate yourself with larger cities that are bigger, but not necessarily better as we know. It's too bad really.

But I look at a city like London and what they did with building a new arena, the JLC, not for the NHL but for their own OHL amateur Knights and how successful that is. I realize Hamilton and London are different in many respects but I think the same can happen here with the TigerCats and a new stadium, yes Grover.

Yes you are right have to realize that there is a new generation out there that would rather sit at home and watch the game on their 50" HD plasma tv's.
It's a hard sell, except for the 16,000 or so die hards. These days people just don't want to sit in a cold stadium in uncomfortable bench seats.

Fans will come out to a "special" event like the Labor Day game. How do you duplicate that? They have tried the Canada Day Game but that was a failure and so was the Thanksgiving Day game. How do you create a tradition like the Labor Day game?

How do you attract people to the satdium?

  1. The stadium must be in an accesible place with plenty of parking nearby.
  2. The seats must be comfortable, and the fans want decent food, beer at reasonable prices.
  3. The past may be about Hamilton but the future is in that vast metro area - 6 Million people within a 45 minute drive to the stadium. You have to get them there easily.
  4. The team must be entertaining.

Great post Grover,

Nothing is better then a teams fans honouring its history in hopes that its future can be just as bright or even brighter.
One thing I can say about this City and the TiCats is that they have made me think and compare us to other places every time I travel. What I find is that we lack pride of our sporting history, maybe we dont place it high on the list or maybe theres other as Earl said bigger better things that draw attention away from our own.

You know I think about how we can fix this alot as I drive pass other places, based on my re-action to what I see, you know first thought type thing. like coming accross Joe Paterno Dr. or Vince Lambardi Blvd. these things raise my eye brow. Its really all part of marketing to the masses, put out something to see that everyone can relate to from a long storied history, we have one thing thats on our side in Hamiton more then any other place I can think of. The most historic best known part of our history is our team cheer.

I hope that the powers to be realize that after the stadium is up and running along the 403, that there is only one name for the street exit and address.

1 Oskee Wee Wee Way !! Nothing shouts Hamilton and TiCat history louder. Then Grover once we get them in we will show them and tell them about the great history and let them witness the future.

In some respects I think there have been certain people who have been or perhaps still are politicians in this city who have seen their worst nightmare come to fruition. And what is that nightmare? That the CFL survived and the TigerCats survived. Meaning a lot were on the "who needs the TigerCats, CFL, Grey Cup bandwagon", let's build a big NHL arena since the CFL is going to fold anwyays sort of thing way back...

Well, not only has the CFL survived but now every game is on national TV with a lot of exposure and a partnership with TSN who has really helped make the CFL more professional if you will. By this time, some of these politicians would have hoped that IWS was torn down and Toronto would have an NFL team in that "great NFL stadium" the Skydome. And they could associate themselves with Toronto like with the Blue Jays in that "great MLB stadium" the Skydome. Who needs Hamilton, er, well I do they say to themselves for their political paycheck but other than than, I'm outta here unless we have an NHL team in our shiny NHL arena.

Hasn't quite worked out that way eh local politicians who subscribed to this mode of thinking. :wink: