Respect for the fans!!

Sorry to post this, but after a nights sleep this is what bothered me the most yesterday.......
Its not the players or the coaches, what bug me yesterday is there was myself and 6 other DIEHARD fans that travelled to Toronto to support this team, we saw Scott Mitchell right in front of us before the game on the sidelines, when we tried to say hi, all he did was nod his head. Being the President of the team, I feel he should have walked over the 10 steps to actually say hi to us and THANK us for still supporting and travelling to see this team despite their record at the time with 4 straight losses.
RESPECT THE FANS SCOTT, thats all I ask, when we are willing to stick with this team show up to all most every practice and having season tickets, you should at least have the respect to come over and say Hi and THANK us for supporting you and the Ti-Cats! Never been more discouraged then I was yesterday, just for that reason!

Well at least he acknowledged you.

This morning, while walking my dog, I said good morning to a guy who was walking from his front door to his suv parked on the street. He just ignored me. This is bad manners and really not acceptable behaviour. How hard is it to say two words (good morning)?

You're right, Mitchell should have come over to you, if for no other reason than thanking you for contributing to his salary. Some people are perhaps too full of themselves to go the extra mile when required. Then again, look at how the team he helped assemble responded to your attendance as well.


Please explain why you would want a person ,who doesn't know you , to come over and have a conversation with you?
I don't get that. :?
You don't know him, he doesn't know you yet you think you should talk. :roll:

When I was in Montreal, Scott made a point to come over to the enzone in the warm ups to say hi to the cats fans.

The best way to respect the fans is to correct this gong show, and fast. Before there aren't any fans left. :roll:

Maybe he sees the writing of his own epitaph on the wall. He was too focused on looking for a new job!

Well think about it, GeoffW.... When 10 fans travel to support their team, someone among them (if not
all) usually wears the team colours. Mitchell had to know why these folks were there and it would have looked
good on him to drop the arrogance and walk the 10 feet to say a quick hello.

I find this attitude often in every day life, as well, when folks I see in the supermarket or even church, won't
acknowledge my wife and/or I after we have extended greetings to them. I also find that men are more apt
to behave this way than women.

Well think about it, GeoffW. When 10 people take the time and trouble to go to a game, they are likely wearing
team colours. If Mitcherll (only 10 feet away) can’t take a minute to acknowledge them, he is being rude.
I know Bob Young would have risen to such an occasion and done the polite thing.

Some players act worse than that to young fans who want an autograph, some just won't do it. That I don't like. In terms of the president not walking over, well, I don't know, maybe he had other things on his mind, I don't know. Agree it would have been good PR to walk over and chat a bit but maybe he just took it that all that was wanted in this case was a nod, I don't know. Sometimes non-verbal communication has more oomph than words as well.

Ill explain no problem Geoff, we go to almost every practice to support this team, season ticket holders also for years, Scott knows exactly who we are. so there is your reason! All he had to do was walk the 10 steps to come over and say hi, thanks for coming and supporting us! Instead we all look at each other in total shock!

well perhaps he will have to eat some humble pie when he says good bye as he gets his walking papers

Some of you guys may be miffed at Scott Mitchell for not talking to you but I must say that everytime I spoke to him at #1 Jarvis or in at a practice session he always spoke to me in a personable way. Sometimes he said hello without any prompting from me. He doesn't know me from Adam so I can't fault him for his approach....which I considered very respectful.
I would think he had a ton of stuff on his mind at the Rogers Centre but at least he nodded to you.
I think your complaint is minor....he has a lot more to answer to the fans for than that.

mr62cats: Now you've done it. I'll have to snub you from now on. :smiley:

rocky: Ooops. Sorry 'bout that. wouldn't be the first time I've been snubbed here on this forum. :lol:

He nodded, which is a hello/acknowledgement. What else do you want from him?

I really don't see it as a big deal.

I go to the games early and stand in the visitors endzone. Some Cats do a lap or two before warm up begins. Most don't acknowledge the fans and go about their business. Mitchell was at the game doing his job/working.

Does any outsider come up and bug you when you are working? Would you like that?

8) I sure don't find Scott Mitchell to be standoffish (if there is such a word) ??
 He introduced himself to me about 4 years, at a TiCat function, and ever since then, everytime he has seen me at games
  or wherever, he always comes over and shakes hands, and asks me how I am doing !!

  Despite the rumours you hear about him, I always judge people by how they treat me personally !!!

   I sure don't have any complaints about him at all, as far as his friendlyness is concerned.

Scott and Bob walk around the tailgate area every once and a while and say Hi to the fans. :thup: