Respect for Tank Reed

The way Reed has taken ownership of this is heartbreaking!
He led the front 7 in tackles with 6 tackles
Played a strong game containing The #1 RB in the league, Cornish did nothing
And now he is taking responsibility for the loss
This guy has integrity.

Reed on his clip:"And unfortunately, I let the city down, man. Let this team down."

“I made it too close for the referee,? said Reed, sombre. “I’m taking full responsibility on that, man.

Respect and admire the gesture. Nothing to apologize for. Team loss. If players have to apologize for mistakes yesterday Reed would have lots of company.
And he doesnt have to worry about manure being dumped on his lawn, or death threats over the phone.

You win as a team and you lose as a team.

Taylor Reed if you happen to read this. As a Tiger Cat fan for over 30 years. You played great this year. I want you back here next season.

You and your teammates represent this city with class and integrity.


Well said.

Reed played a great game! He was an integral part in keeping us in this game, when it was about to become out of hand. I hope he is back next year, the man is a killer out there in the field.

Taylor Reed accepted it well but it's not his fault on one play no way, it's a team loss.

The Tiger-Cats should have never have placed themselves in that position in the first place it was a loss for the Offence for not scoring in the Red Zone when they had the opportunities to get close enough. Like Matt Dunigan said four chances in the Red Zone and all the Cats could do is come away with field goals and one blocked attempt, Come on?

Nothing on Medlock he did his job but the Tiger-Cats offence should have scored TD's instead of field goals and this team was last in the CFL in 2014 in Red Zone scoring so that old omen just came back to bite them again.

The 2014 Cats did some great things and certainly a huge improvement on Defence, and Special Teams and great to build upon but now we need to work on the offence in the off-season. We need an offensive line to give Collaro's the time to make plays and hopefully an All-Canadian Line and we need some speed at receiver, I have said this now for two years, we need two or three guys fast enough to stretch the field of play, deep threats. We have Banks and that's great, get two more. We have good running backs and good competition for next year and get back to the Grey Cup in 2015!!!

It takes a man to admit his mistakes, it takes a hater not to forgive!

Another Quote from Reed,

“We fought back. That fight is not only in this team, man, but that fight speaks to the city of Hamilton itself. It’s a rough city, and just a resilient town, man, a gritty city. And unfortunately, I let the city down, man. Let this team down.
“What ifs, you know? Knowing Speedy, he probably didn’t much need it.?

He is just 23 years old, a rookie in the league,
He is definitely a keeper!

Some people choose to be belligerent toward reporters when asked about their mistakes during post-game interviews. Reed flat-out owned up to it and took full responsibility, even when he didn't have to. Much respect to Taylor Reed.

Taylor, you are way beyond your years in maturity. This it the type of player that all of Hamilton is very proud of to represent our city. The only other two times that Hamilton lost in two consecutive Grey Cups they came back the following season and won. Keep the streak going man. The team and the city need you. Shake this off as we lost more because of our puny red zone offence than anything done, or not done on ST's.

Looking forward to 2015 a lot more than I looked forward to 2014 after the 2013 loss.

2015: The Year of the Cats! (just changed my signature). You read it here first.



Good for him. No one was thrown under the bus. That's what you call Man Up..............

I respect you Mr Reed and forgive you ,will always remember in future seasons when you make a tackle or a key block and smile recalling the famous one you made in the Grey Cup 2014.We will always cheer for you and all Ti- Cats ,even if I curse in the moment of the play .

x4 ..... and, this endorsement of old fan's words, and Taylor Reed's play, comes from an older fan with over 60 years of oskee-wee-wee-ing.

x4 ..... and, this endorsement of old fan's words, and Taylor Reed's rookie season contributions to the Tiger-Cats, comes from an older fan (much I guess) who's been oskee-wee-wee-ing through all 65 seasons.

Now that is a team player!

Just watch and see how this makes him a better player and better man.

Watch out for the Tank in 2015!

From Pat Steinberg’s article on the game:

It’s going to take quite some time for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to get over their loss. They’ll be kicking themselves for their start, and they’ll be lamenting the points they left on the field. But, in the end, the Ticats should leave Vancouver with their heads held high, because they played a hell of a football game.

And special mention needs to go to Taylor Reed. The first year linebacker was the culprit flagged on Hamilton’s negated punt return touchdown in the final moments of Sunday’s game. It was him who was crouched on the ground, head in hands, at the Hamilton ten-yard line while everyone else was celebrating. He knew he’d been flagged, and he knew it had very likely cost his team a chance to win the Grey Cup.

And it was also Taylor Reed in the locker room, ready to answer the tough questions. Reed took the responsibility, put it all on himself, and didn’t for a second criticize the officials. That’s how a true professional handles making a mistake, costly or not.

In the end, the Tiger-Cats didn’t lose because of Reed’s penalty. You lose as a team and you win as a team, and that was very evident on Sunday. But that won’t make Reed feel any better, at least not right away. But, in time, when the Beaumont, Tex. product reflects back, he’ll know he didn’t shy away. He stood up and handled it like a true pro, and he deserves a lot of credit for it.

The guy is a "stud" (football version, I have no idea about how any other version of that term may apply.) The guy is a rookie and could be a starter on just about any other team in this league. I'm glad he's a Cat.

No question! :thup: