Resonsibilty Comes From The Top

8) Without question this team is regressing badly at this point !!
  Players can be blamed for their poor play, along with poor coaching, but in the final anyalysis, the blame has to be 
   placed at the top of this team.  

   At this point in time there is no doubt that Obie has to be resonsible for this whole mess, and where this team is at.

    Anyone who thinks different, needs to give their heads a shake and look at reality !!

     Everyone thought that this team assembled by Obie was going to be a contending team, quite capable of beating
      out Montreal for top spot.  Obie's words were that we feel we now have the players to beat Montreal for No. 1 

      Well it sure isn't happening, and who exactly is to blame for this mess ????    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I posted this (see below) in another thread but it might be something Obie has to start considering just to shake things up and send a message to everyone....including coaches :expressionless:

We sit QBs right?...well, would it be a good idea to send Marcel up in the spotters booth for a game and let someone else with a little more energy run the sidelines. Just to change up the chemistry a bit and see how the players respond. I know it sounds a little drastic but Marcel could still run things from up there.....but the players will have to react to whoever is on the sidelines giving them the death stare. We see co-ordinators vacate the sidelines sometimes and go upstairs. Why not a head coach ? They are all still able to communicate through their head sets after all.

....that's all I have as far as a possible solution (not much, I know) :roll:

I don't think that would work. The players would see that the same way as kids view a substitute teacher or a babysitter when the parents are away. We either stick with Marcel or can him.

As I mentioned elsewhere Bob seems to hire nice guys. He needs to focus on hiring winners. From what I can see Obie has no track record showing him as a winning GM and his Hamilton stint won't change that impression.

Think about this for a minute. If we traded Head Coaches and GM's with the Al's for the remainder of the season do you think the Cats would improve at a faster pace then we are now. IMO YES We would finish the year improving and the Al's fan's would wondering what the heck happened to their team..... The Al's would start running the ball five times a game. Calvillo would get knocked out of the first game because they weren't running and the defense would tee off on him... Baggs would be asked to rush the passer (now that's a novel thought) and maybe we could disguise a blitz ( halloween costumes not required) and lastly stop cutting everyone that costs a few cents until we win something.

Or maybe Bob wants to run this team like the Leafs. As long as the fans come out, hire the cheapest staff and players you can find.... who knows.

I wouldnt hang this all on Obie.

I think the players he has assembled have the potential to make a great team.

IMO, it is the coaching that is failing. You can take the greatest team in history, but if you provide them with mediocre coaching (2 of them rookie co-ordinators), the results are usually not successful. I dont subscribe to the belief that once the whistle goes, it is up to the players to perform. It is the coaching staff that must ensure the players are performing all four quarters, using something called leadership.

As has been said in earlier threads, Bellefeuille is a .500 coach at best. He has had a few seasons to take this team to the next level, but seems to have reached his ceiling.

Who does the coach report to? Who's job to hire the best coach he can find? :cowboy:

I think Obie has done good things for this club with the exception of his choice of HC. I expect he's packing it in at the end of this season, so those who aren't his fans will soon be happy about him too. What I'd like to see now is an announcement by Messrs. Young, Mitchell and O'Billovich, as one, that they had decided to name an interim HC for the remainder of this season only and that person is ....... wait for it .........Bob O'Billovich!
I'll wait a day, for the screaming to subside, before explaining why.

Have the Ti-Cats reached a plateau at this point of the season? Maybe you are right, shaking up some of the "comfortable" people may get them performing at a higher level...players and coaches. Is Khari's play calling too vanilla, not enough variety? Is it time to invest in Porter and Trafalis and send Glenn packing? Good question.

Not talking tongue and cheek, but Greg Marshall is available...maybe his style would work better in Hamilton than it did in Regina. He was in your town last year and the D seemed to respond to him.

There is enough talent on this team, with upgrades only needed at QB, interior defensive line, and maybe a DB or 2

The problem is the coaching staff and it's incompetence. Consider the following:

  1. Allowing an undersized QB who refuses or cannot be mobile, to try sit in the pocket, not be able to see downfield, and then try to force passis into areas where the defence knows it will go due to the obvious limitations of the strength of the throwing arm

  2. Khari ain't no OC, he is easily read, and aside from the gift at the end, that was 8 quarters with no offensive TDs, and that enough should be grounds for a pink slip...the plays called for both Qbs was's over for him. By the way, did they forget to use Thigpen on offence last night?

  3. Chamblin may arguably be worse, tho' I did initiallly cut him slack. His theory was bold and sound, but now it is high risk, no gain. Did ou linebackers go bad in half year, 'cause they have stunk so far, I think not. It seems he is making players we have play his style, and they can't. Whereas the LBs caused great pressure last year, this year, they are forced to chase players constantly downfield and are being used improperly. The defence does not confuse, and is easily read now that a team has films. Our backs seem to be told to give up the underneath (a la Creechan), yet are always forced to make great individual plays when covering, and never are put into a position to make interceptions. Last night, the player changing was like a chinese fire drill with a timeout having to be taken near our goal line due to mix ups....just poor preparation. In summary, poorly thought out schemes. I would can him on the spot and bring in Marshall on defence for the rest of the year.

  4. Specialty teams have been poor for several games, notwithstanding the run by Williams last night, so much so that instead of a kick return being a dangerous event, we take the ball on the 35 after a FG as we know we cannot do better if we return. Just poor preparation which results in poor execution. And why is Kanya on the team, he hurts us big time?

  5. Head coaching has seen the end of the road, MB will be gone at end of season, mediocrity has it's limit. The team has no character, just a vanilla bunch of nice guys like the coach. MB bristled on the post game show when asked about intensity, clearly a non=believer in the emotional aspect of the game, and that is his achilles heel in addition to just generally being over his head. The team play mirrors the coaches demeanor in this case. Boy would I have welcomed a Mosca-like late hit on Ray and take the penalty, but send a message that you are not playing touch football, but instead, we seem to be a pansy squad that cannot tackle.

By the way, that red cap wearing QB on the touch football team at half time should be signed immediately, he is as short as Glenn but with twice the arm.. off his back foot he threw a pass that if Glenn could do likewise, Thompson does not intercept.

As I mentioned elsewhere Bob seems to hire nice guys. He needs to focus on hiring winners.

You're probably not too far off.

I think perhaps a continuing theme seems to be where head coaches and high profile positions such as QBs are being used as marketing tools by the front office a little too much before they've really proved themselves on the field or patrolling the sidelines....when things don't go well and the hype over these people isn't lived up to, it puts the operation in a difficult position......Jason Maas and Jason Armstead are both a huge example of this. (and the list is getting longer it seems)

Maybe in the future, it might be best to just hire the coach or player, keep it low key as far as gushing all over the guy in the media, point them towards the field turf and say, that's where you now work, so get going.....bye!

(I do understand the front office, ownership, marketing dept. etc, being tempted to get excited over "new saviours" and hype them big-time all over the city, but too many times, it never works out and it ends up being an embarrassing disappointment for everyone eg: Charlie Taaffe

Dear Hunter Charile was good coach with no good players .
Look Changes since he left I don't many players left from his time as Coach

Since Leaving Charile has done well back in NCAA.
Here info from Wikipedia
University of Central Florida

On January 5, 2009 the University of Central Florida hired Taaffe as Offensive Coordinator.[7] UCF was in much needed help on offense after finishing the 2008 season ranked 119th on total offense and 115th in passing offense.[8] Charlie also brought his son Brian Taaffe, a freshman quarterback transfer from Fordham University.[9]
Taaffe immediately went to work and the 2009 offense featured senior transfer quarterback Brett Hodges and a sophomore running-back Brynn Harvey. UCF posted a 8-5 record for the year, losing its bowl game, St. Petersburg Bowl, to Rutgers 24 to 45.[10] Beginning the 2010 season, UCF's offense featured a two-quarterback system, which junior Rob Calabrese and freshman Jeffrey Godfrey. Taaffe also devised a committee of running-backs for the Knights run-game, including Ronnie Weaver, Latavius Murray, and Jonathan Davis. Jeff Godfrey would eventually take over as the starter after an injury to Rob Calabrese early in the season. Taaffe would also develop a new offensive package known as the "Wild Knight."[11] The new offensive package developed by Taaffe and the Knights continued defensive dominance led the Knights to their most successful season in program history. The Conference USA Championship game featured a 17-7 win over the SMU Mustangs, earning UCF its second C-USA title, and earning the Knights an invite to the AutoZone Liberty Bowl. The Knights would defeat SEC foe Georgia 10-6 in the Liberty Bowl, for the program's first ever bowl win. With the successful season, UCF was ranked in the final polls for the first time, #20 in the coaches poll, #21 in the AP poll, and #25 in the BCS poll.[12]

IMO I don't think Obie ever Wanted Charlie and they wanted him out
But Upper Management did want Charlie
so the gave him no tool so He Fail.

I not saying we should hire him back but there are Better Coach in NCCA with CFL Experience.
who could take over . at the end of the season.

MB loves his players to show emotion. Sadly they dont really play well enough to give us celebrations. However, they still do it. Bo Smith a prime example. the team is down plenty, can't stop run or pass, he makes one defensive play and he is jumping around like a kid in a candy store giving high fives and the like. Save that **** for when you actually perform and win the game. These players should be fined for doing that in a loss like this.

Bottom line is nothing is going to change until next year. So lets quite crying and just hope someone does
something right to pull us out of this mess. I would like to see what Boltus has to offer ,but it won't happen.
No one is listening what we have to say. So hang tight and hope for the best. :rockin:

I hate that too. It's like they are celebrating their own personal achievement instead of focusing on the fact that the TEAM is down by 3 TDs.

Hey it was the first time he got away with screening… we should all celebrate it wasn’t called PI :wink:

I agree with many of the points made here about the team and its management. However, I also agree that there won't likely be anything done until the off-season in terms of changes to the coaching staff. We definitely won't see Greg Marshall (neither one of them!) back here. The Marshall currently at Western University is having a great career there, so he's not going to leave that job anytime soon. The other Marshall is currently getting paid from his 3-year deal with Saskatchewan, so he's not going to give that up too soon. I honestly believe that he will apply for the Head Coach position at the new Ottawa franchise, and I really hope that he wins that job.
I really can't see Obie taking over as an Interim Head Coach (ala Grandpa Ken Miller in Saskatchewan, which is a farce anyway...I really think it's a shame how they treated Greg Marshall and never gave him a fair shake at it). Since Obie will be retiring soon, I believe that this whole mess will have to start being cleaned up by President Scott Mitchell during the off-season. We'll just have to wait and see! :cowboy: