Resigning free agents

Listened to Carm Carteri after the end of the Grey Cup game. Says there will be some BIG changes in Riderville! Wonder what changes he was referring to? Any rumours gone public yet?

What is he supposed to say...

Carm likes to think he knows more than he does...

But Hopson was on record at the Grey Cup that all teams, so that includes the Riders, will need to waive some big name players to get under the cap.
I can't actually see it being that dramatic, but time will tell.

The Leader-Post is reporting that Tillman has signed in the order of 20 players.
No word on coaches yet.

Well Yeah we need changes 9-9 like for 3 seasons is it? That isn't good. being a rider fan I would like to win a home playoff game and we aren't going to get it with some of the bums we have on our team. Out with the old in with the new I say!