Resign Kent

I'm with Crash.

Make him give up the O and D co-ordinators jobs. Let those men do the jobs they were hired to do.

I'm with everyone saying Austin needs to go at end of the year but can't lie that was probably most honest and truthful presser I've ever seen him do. I don't know if that is a sign that he is giving up or his confidence is just shattered, but I can't remember him ever being so open to negative questions, even about his own job.

Doesn't change anything, just wanted to point that out.

I have to respectfully disagree. I really liked Austin when he first came to Hamilton but facts are facts. Since 2013 the team has gone 36-41 (not what I would define as a contender). The only reason they made the playoffs was because the other eastern teams were not much better. Compare this to Calgary’s record of the same period at 62-14-1. That is a contending team. Hamilton fans have the right to expect a team that can be built and coached to this same level. We have been waiting long enough.

History lesson. Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks with huge loss of life. Big inquiry held and rules and processes around shipping, safety, and training are put in place. Since then, over 100 years, we have continued to have shipping and there continues to be icebergs, but no more iceberg/ship disasters.

So - are the Cats the iceberg or the Titanic, and what needs to be put in place to prevent another disaster?

what you have to worry about is the power Austin has .... if he assumes that his job is in jeopardy at the end of theyear...along with his yes men...including Tillman whats from stopping him from before the season ends trading away or releasing one or two of our better players and getting relatively nothing in return talent wise

Austin is making way more than $450-$500K a season
Collaros is reportedly making over $525K, I would think that Austin (who negotiated Zac’s contract :roll: ) would not pay him more than he is making, it just doesn’t work that way.
IMHO, I would be shocked if Austin is making less than $700K/season with the portfolio’s of VP/HC/OC and responsible for all TiCat football operations.
Austin will NOT be going anywhere soon.

Caretaker seems more concerned about the band that’s playing on deck while the ship sinks.

Publicly Cartetaker is concerned with the band, but privately we'll never know...

This is a burned out team personal wise.
Two Grey Cup appearances ,one illegal block away from a Grey Cup Victory.
One Eastern Final appearance ,one play away from another Grey Cup appearance.
Time for a rebuild ,quick as possible ,get young and strong again .... :thup: :cowboy:

They say in life that everything starts with great Leadership, if that's the case according to Wikipedia Kent Austin's record with the Tiger-Cats as Head Coach from 2013 - Present is 72 games coached with 36 Wins and 36 Losses or .500 record, hey that sounds like the entire Tiger-Cat team for the last few years and still they made the playoffs.

Only in the CFL East can you serve up trash and hope the fans buy it!!

And if you add the first 5 games of this season we are 36-41.What will the win/loss record be at the end of the season.

The upcoming game in Edmonton is the “tipping point” in my opinion. Another no show or blowout with players obviously not giving full effort and I do not think the organization can risk further embarrassment and ridicule by continuing with Austin as HC.
I also do not believe that Austin would submit himself to further personal and professional embarrassment by continuing as HC once it’s apparent that the team has tuned him out. I think you are underestimating Austin’s personal pride if you believe he would continue simply for the money because that would cause irreparable damage to his reputation professionally. Most likely, the two parties would negotiate a financial settlement based on his future role (if any) with the team or his exit from the organization entirely.

Should the team show up for the Edmonton game and be competitive and give full effort, it will buy Austin some time to demonstrate further improvement in the following two home games but he must win at least one of those games. If nothing improves, the obvious time to change coaches would be during the 16 day break before the Labour Day game.

Don’t wish for any changes this week as they are out West on a travel week the majority on this forum have told me nothing will happen . Austin (Kingpin) won’t be fired till after seasons end! So basically the team is finding themselves and the assistant coaches will be intact for the time being . Also player wise really who is out there? NFL cuts ,not yet ?

NFL cuts haven't had an impact on CFL game in a decade or more.

Really? Tell Duron Carter that after his last game.

Duron Carter had an extended tryout with the Indianapolis Colts in 2016 before returning to the CFL. Will he get another chance in the NFL? It’s not out of the question. In the meantime, however, he’s getting a fresh start with the Roughriders after catching 185 passes for 2,877 yards and 17 touchdowns in his first three CFL seasons.

I think this is a good analysis of the situation and outlook. The team’s performance in this next game, quite apart from the actual outcome, will tell a lot about prospects for the rest of the season. The next bye week is the best opportunity to make a change, if that’s what is decided. Of course I hope it doesn’t come to that, but right now it’s not a pretty picture.

You want to bring Condell back after he abandons this team, fans and owner??

So much for principles…

I am vindictive…so no way in he!! should we bring him back unless he was truly driven out by management. Ie. Austins fault …Then it’s a different story.

You can always upgrade your coaching staff. I would upgrade the scouting staff and the individuals who are responsible for evaluating player talent. Case in point, Calgary always and I mean always finds fantastic receivers....they have a saying next man up. And from what I was watched for several years they is little if no decline in player abilities or talent when I player goes down. Who is responsible for player evaluation and US scouting. If it'still Tillman ....he has done a very poor job.

Firing everyone as soon as there is trouble is no answer…the staff & players will come around…just don’t panic & jump over-board…there are better days ahead. Many times I have seen worse & still haven’t given up!!