Resign Kent


Get rid of all your optimism and everything associated with it.

Charlie Taffe could have got us 46-1
Marcel Bellefuille could have got us 46-1
George Cortez could have got us 46-1

This is not some divine path we are on. This thing is broken. Kent needs to go. If you disagree please forward me whatever substance you are on.

Coming from someone who has been a Cats fan from the day they were born, and will be until the day they die.


I second the motion and take riehnbold and the special teams coach with you


I have rarely felt personal embarrassment from this team, but this time is special....

HA, at first read i read this thread title as re-sign Austin

The problem is that Austin is VP of Football Ops as well as Head Coach. So he ranks pretty high. I think it would be easier to fire somebody if they were just the coach, but to find a replacement for Austin at this point in the season would be a waste of time. Mid-season coaching changes rarely work out. I think if this onslaught continues then Young and Mitchell better start looking soon for the next available Trestman type coach and sign them early in the off-season.

All I can say is Wow !

Yeah, but could they have gotten us 60-1? :lol:

Coordinators who could be looking for a head coaching job in 2018

WPG: Paul LaPolice
TOR:Tom Condell
EDM:Mike Benevides
MTL: Noel Thorpe

WILDCARD* SSK HC: Chris Jones if fired although unlikely there were rumours if this season didn't go well he'd be gone.

Al in all there are some solid guys on that list especially if you wanna talk defence since we are who we are, defence is key and half of these guys have top tier defences in the league and have had for a few years ! I.e. Thorpe.

Sad but interesting times in TigerTown....

"Mid-season coaching changes rarely work out" you mean it might cause us to start losing games 60-1, oh wait.

With his arrogance and ego in someways this looks real good on him.

He deserves the same fate that the Florida Panthers coach received. He should've been hailing a cab right after the game to the airport because he got canned

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

NOTHING will happen to Coaching or Management till after the season the Tillman Austin Mafia will take care of the organization and players heads will role ! Bring a paper bag in protest or wear it if we lose the next home game I am !

His post game interview (which would have been horrible for any coach to do) was the first time I've seen him so down and open about himself.
Blowing up this coaching staff and team is not the answer mid season. If Tillman and his assistant GM's are the ones finding talent (or lack of it) then the coaches can only do so much. Yes they report up to Austin but Reindold can only access and scheme with what he's given. Special teams other than the actual kicker have been brutal.
I don't like the embarrassment as much as anyone but since I've been through bad, bad teams before with coaching changes mid season, I would rather keep going and then if necessary clean house from Austin down. Total rebuild for 2018.

I was quite surprised by the coach’s post-game demeanour. But, not surprised that he made statements very similar to those he made on locker-room garbage bag day last November. Sadly, he did seem to indicate that our hopes of Abdul being a key part of getting the D turned around can likely be tossed into the “can, eh?” Here’s the link to Austin’a post game video:

[url=] ... tampeders/[/url]

Actually instead of firing... someone in THIS organization needs to convince Kent to let go and let his assistants do their jobs. At the same time he needs to hire experienced assistants and then let them be accountable.
Nobody here is blaming Reinbold or Ptasik because nobody believes they're good enough.

If I here him say "SCHEMATICALLY " one more time ! Give it a rest ! it is obvious that the players have TUNED him out he has lost the team it's time to pack your bags and leave! Sorry but those players threw that towel in by 1/2 time buddy that means COACHING !

8) Why in the world would Austin resign....he just recently signed a contact extension last year, reportedly in the money
   neighborhood of $450-$500,000 a season  !!

   If he quits he loses that money, but if he gets fired, they have to pay him off for the balance of his contract !!    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: --> 

    Just a great scenario brought on by inept management   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

He certainly coaches like a man trying to get fired.

Austin isn't going anywhere. The facts are that he has consistently made this team a contender. This year is the only exception to that rule, and we have key injuries (Tolliver, Fantuz, Craig Butler, Emanuel Davis, Simoni, etcetera) that directly contributed to that. I'm just as mad as anyone that we stunk the joint out last night, but up until that point, the team had been getting better every week.

If Austin is fired in Hamilton, another CFL team will hire him immediately. He is a good football coach/evaluator of talent, and those guys typically are in demand/get paid what Austin is currently being paid in Hamilton.

That said, I believe that for whatever reason, some players are currently not buying into what the coaches are game planning. So if we lay down against Edmonton in our next game, I think it very likely that a high profile player will be released, or traded, as a way of waking members this team up to the possibility that they may be next.