Residency Requirements: GM and HC

So for a new hire of a GM or HC you do not think a team, in your case Sask, should not have a requirement of living in Regina? Being not a dictatorship it should be up to the new employee or a negotiated deal?

No I don't.
That said, if I felt their community involvement or performance with the club was adversely effected by them living elsewhere, well, that would likely become a factor during contract renewal...whether that be monetarily, length, or non-renewal. IMO if someone wants to dictate where someone lives, there better be a hefty living allowance or something. For me, it is something that I would be discussing with any Sr staff...HC, GM, etc, and if they didnt seen content on moving, I probably would be hesitant on hiring them, unless something about them was really appealing. I also understand that there are circumstances that not moving are understandable, such as a spouse having some great job (because at the end of the day, a GM can be a GM from anywhere most of the off season), kids finishing a final year of jr school or high school, etc. I have turned down some rather great job offers because the employer preferred my full-time relocation. My wife and family lived with the instability of my vocation for years, and now it is time I stand by I don't need the money.

I believe his plan was to relocate but I haven't heard anything in regards to whether he has. Kids are still in school I would assume so maybe not till the summer.