Residency Requirements: GM and HC

There is always lots of chatter in the Montreal forum about whether the GM and HC should live in the city where they work. What are your thoughts as a basic requirement overall regardless of team?
If you know your teams situation in this regard please share.

Given how many times a HC gets fired and has to relocate I can certainly sympathize with their need to have a stable home for family. That home in my view does not need to be in the city of current employment.
But I would require the HC live in the team's city from May-season's end. A forward thinking organization may even want to invest in a housing option to ensure this takes place.

I believe a GM should live in the team's city year round. Their job and need to represent the organization is a year long position.

In BC I know both HC and GM live full time in and around Vancouver

As the CFL has evolved so quickly over the past few years it has taken up to the level of the other sports where it is a 360 day ayear job so living in the city you coach in would be desirable in my opinion. But you make an excellent point as with any corporation when you are bringing in a high lvel employee many times the corporation will set up and organize employees housing.
you get into coaching and make that jump to HC status you know that it is a high turnover so you and your family should be prepared for such side effects of your job.
I can't see any team or league make it a rule but certainly would bode well in the interview process for the job for said coach. As long as your organiztion is paying coach well enough or providing the housing for the coach then it is a fair thing to ask.

I'm not so sure, the world of pro sports is harsh and sometimes guys don't last all that long. To require someone to uproot their family if say they have a short contract of 2 years for example is a bit much in this business.

Sure it's a tough job and doesn't have any long term guarantees BUT it is a job. If any of us were to take a job in a different city, different province, or different country and in most cases we would be required to move, any family included. And if we screwed up those jobs we would be fired as well so it's not entirely a special circumstance for coaches and GMs.

I don't think it's a must that a HC and/or GM reside in the city but a HC and/or GM should have some presence in the city because of the amount of community work clubs do and their involvement would be a plus. Digital communications have made it easier for people to conference and communicate between coaches, players, and management and therefore makes absenteeism easier. For the coach in particular, considering how much work and time they need to put in to be successful and the length of the season, long distance commutes communications are counterproductive for both the job and family so for them it's probably more ideal to live in the city of the team they coach. I think it's less important for the GM to reside in the city full time but he needs to spend significant time in the city and not disappear to whereversville when things go off the rails and "manage" from a distance. The GM should be seen, not necessarily heard from, during the season. I think it's a lot harder to feel the pulse for their team if they're never around. Joe Mack was rarely seen around here and you can see the results we had on the field.

Not to mention that for the most part the track record of General Managers working long distance is brutal.
Joe Mack
Eric Tillman (Edmonton)
Jim Popp (team sliding for three years straight) since he moved.

As for HC contracts are 3, 4, 5 years for which they are guaranteed to get paid in full, so there is no excuse not to reside in the city of the team that pays you between 300 and 500k a year.

But what if the wife has a great career and job - or has elderly parents they want to be near or kids in their 20's who they want to be near - all who do not live in the same city as the head coach or GM. If the family wants to stay living there and the coach rent an apartment here for during the regular season with occasional visits from the family during the season and then the coach can spend much of the off-season 'home' wherever that is with his family. I've got no problem with that.

Much of what a coach does in the off season he doesn't have to be here for. They would be scouting some Bowl games late December/early January, any meetings with staff or the GM could easily be done through video conferencing. There may be visits to potential players homes - many of those south of the border. The odd community event up here he can fly up for a couple of days and make an appearance at.

Simple solution - if your spouse/significant other has a great paying job or you have other circumstances that would prohibit you from taking a full time job, then don't take the full time job. If your wife/spouse/partner had a high paying job and you were offered a job across the country, you would have to discuss it with them and families involved, and either you take the job and deal with the consequences or you don't. Furthermore, for most of us that job would be 12 months of the year and not the length of a sports season.

As HFxTC pointed out, most of these are well compensated, they have security on their contracts that pays them out even if they get fired. The jobs require certain degrees of sacrifice. If you can't make the sacrifices for the job, don't take the job. In both cases, they need to devote at least 9 months of the year to the team and it's city - 7 months of the season, plus any time for FA camps/combines/minicamp etc in the offseason. If they're OK with leaving their family behind and add all that extra financial and personal cost having to travel to an offseason home then fine. Anything less, like a GM that spends less 50% or less of the year in the city, is not acceptable.

Current residency status:

Buono GM: full time Van
Benevides: HC: Full time Van

Huff: GM/HC: not sure

Hervey: GM: full time Edmonton I believe
Jones: HC: not sure

Taman: GM: full time Regina
Chamblin HC: Not sure

Kyle Walters: GM: Full time Winnipeg
O'Shea: HC: not sure

Barker: GM: not sure
Milanovich: HC: not sure

Popp: GM: Lives full time in states
Higgins: HC: Will live in Montreal F/T I believe

Austin: GM/HC: not sure

Desjardins: GM: Full time Ottawa
Campbell: HC: Full time Ottawa

Hufnagel lives in Calgary year round, he has a condo in Florida next to a Golf club where he goes and spends a month or so around xmas time.

Higgins danced around the question. He's worked in Toronto for the last five years and stayed in Calgary. I don't expect he plans to move to Montreal.

I just don't think they have to live here in the off-season. I wonder how many northern city coaches or managers in leagues like the NFL or MLB baseball actually stay through the winter in their team's city. I know john Gibbons of the Blue Jays lives in his hometown of San Antonio during the baseball off-season and I would assume the same would be true of many northern city MLB teams. I think I read that in all the Blue Jays history Cito Gaston was the only manager to live year round in the Toronto area.

Just quickly did a few google searches and easily found examples of even NFL coaches whose family year round home is not in the city they play. Just like players the coaches own or rent condos but whenever they get a chance go 'home'. Green Bay and New Orlean's coaches both have homes in Texas apparently. And these guys get paid millions and are not obligated to live year round in their NFL city.

Anyway this is completely different than the issue we are discussing in the Als Forum. Popp lives in North Carolina year round and when Chantal took off with Marcel to Ottawa. Popp hired her replacement in North Carolina. So yes the "office manager" of the football ops now resides in Mooresville, while the rest of the staff in MOntreal don't have a replacement !

You see the hipocrisy. Popp would tell you he can do his job out of Mooresville but yet the office manager can't do her's out of MOntreal. He needs her to work from his home LOL !

As far as NFL HC work around 10 months out of the year full time. So its a bit like Hufnagel taking vacation for a month or two in Florida. I don't think anyone objects to that. The situation in Montreal is that the GM, the HC and the Office manager don't work out of the football offices.

Travelpat...yeah I too think a HC will have to establish permanent residency away. What are your thoughts about a general manager?

I think a President of a team who has to be in charge of the business side of things needs to be in city year round and the GM dealing with him I would assume it would certainly help the working relationship if he was in town year round too.

Would it be possible for the GM to be out of town during a good chunk of the off season - not sure since he would need to be here to have meetings related to contract negotiations, budgets, schedule and the like in addition to co-ordinating the work of scouts, evaluating potential draft choices with the coaching staff and other aspects of the football operation. Could that be done from out of town - I suppose it is not impossible but I would say it is certainly not ideal.'re a Hamilton guy I believe. Does Austin maintain residency in Hamilton year round? Does he have a presence in the media and in town during the off season?

Slant - to be honest I'm not sure. Yes he certainly has been in town any time the Cats have introduced free agent signings and I have seen him interviewed in town on a couple of other occasions but I'm not 100% sure he lives here year round. Any fellow Ti-Cat fans know he answer to that?

I believe Austin lives in the area full time. If I recall correctly, he said his family would return to the same area they live when he was coaching with the Argos. Oakville or Burlington area possibly. must be somewhat comforting to have a guy like Austin in charge,
Given that there are only 9 HC jobs available nationally and 9 GM jobs as well I'm thinking that very strong salaries are in line.
And residency should factor in.

What other line of work in Canada offer only 9 positions?

Any Winnipeg fans know if O'Shea is living there full time?

"requirement" is a pretty stern term. It is obviously beneficial for most to live where they work, but if management is happy with that person's production, it is really nobody's business. I don't see how most can do their jobs properly without living there, but to each their own...this is not a dictatorship