Reserve your spot in line to see Ottawa's new CFL team

Reserve your spot in line to see Ottawa's new CFL team.

Ottawa's new CFL team is giving former Renegades/Rough Riders season ticket holders and new fans a chance to show their support. Former season ticket holders can reserve their old seats, and new fans can secure a Priority Registration Number (PRN) for seats for $25 per seat. Got questions? Visit or call 613-599-3267 to reserve by phone.

Click below to register;

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I've already done so. Hopefully they get a good response.


I have half a mind to purchase season tickets even though I will likely never see a game there. They would make a nice gift for a few of my friends though. :slight_smile:

I did, and i live in Hamilton. We will make the games when Hamilton plays in Ottawa. Hopefully they have the never waste a ticket policy, where you can trade in your unused tickets for other games if you cant make it :thup:

Its the CFL :rockin: Got a Love it

Does anyone know how many fans have reserved seat ??

Just received a call today from them and reserved 4 seats , Sales he said were good and the stadium is moving ahead very quickly.

According to the caller from OSEG there are 4,000

I'm hearing that calls are being made. To those that have recieved them, what are they about?

I "ordered" tickets back around 2010, so I'm guessing I'm lower on the call list (PRN between 500-700). I'm assuming I'll be getting one rather soon and just wondering what to expect.

I'm not sure if we (since I have tickets too) should expect calls because we already ARE on the list. They must be selling to people who are not (perhaps they have the old Renegades seasons ticket list to work from and are trying to reach those who have not committed to the new team yet?).

While I'm sure we'd all have loved to hear that they had 15,000, I think that's a decent number, realistically. For a team that is still a year removed from taking the field and that has yet to market itself, I think they can feel good about this.

And let's face it, the Renegades seasons ticket list is probably not a large one to work from. :expressionless:

Edit: By the way, let this be another example of why OSEG is head and shoulders over any owner we've had in the past 40 years or so. They make getting tickets easy. You know, that may just be crazy enough to work! :thup:

The Senators have aroud 11,000 season ticket holders for a team thats been around for 20 years now for a football teams that is still well over a year away to have 4,000 season tickets sold i think is very good.

They are calling people that were on the old Renegade season ticket list and to the people that signed up for commitments to a new team years ago after the Gades went under. It's still a long way off, CFL teams normally start their season ticket drive after the Grey Cup, through Christmas.
The TV and radio ads will start later in the year and there will be more interest when the team starts signing players. I'm sure when the team signs their QB they will generate some interest. I'm hearing Lulay or Ricky Ray

Cripes, even a head coach...I admit i was a little disappointed at how little attention their recent front office hires (Snyder / Gorrell) got though. Not real exciting, but still. It took a while fo rmedia to get around to talking about it.

I think when the south stands really start to take shape that will start to excite people.

And they are taking shape!! check out the picture

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I think all CFL fans would love to hear that all 3 Ontario teams have a season ticket base in 2014 of 15K, but at this time heck I'd settle for if just one of those 3 teams came out and said they had over 15K... at least the ti-cats were over 10K in 2012.

Not sure what the goal is for Ottawa, but you'd think at least 12K for March 2014, so over half the stadium is sold before single game tickets go on sale(preferably a lot more then half)

One thing about Ottawa is its a massive walk up city so unlike many citys that might not have a big walk up crowd in Otatwa they can count on that.

Issue with Walk-up crowds is you can never count on them.
Things like: how is the weather, did the team win last week, is the game on the fans favorite day, do the Sens play. All have a major effect on walk-ups, while season ticket holders are locked in.

For anyone using the Sens as a comparable though you really can't. HUGE difference between the NHL and 41 games + 4 pre-season(in a normal season, also playoffs but paying for those is normally optional once the team makes it)
locking in to a CFL 9 reg game + 1 playoff + 1 pre-season, so max 11 days in a non-grey cup hosting year.

The Sens may have 11K season ticket holders, but how many of those ticket packages(seats) are split between 2 or 3 people, so it might be 40K people split 11K seats over the 45 games.
While with a CFL sched it's easy to commit to one game every second week, so you only need 15K people for 15K season ticket packages.

My point is is its true 4,000 tickets sold as of now that is not that bad.