rescue topic of serious ba-dunk-a-dunk

the bombers board of dir. needs to call an emergency meeting. No joke.

Get Bauer out. Give Berry exclusive gm duties. Is Taman still around?? I thought so.

Also - put Greg Marshall (who might actually scare the living jesus out of kevin glenn) in immediately as HC and we might still have a shot at a seal hunt this season.

If you think about it, the last game is reminiscent of Cal Murphy's last game with the organization in Edmonton. But of course the bombers are as inept as a via-rail employee's paystub.

...i don't know bout Marshal as head honcho...that's his d' that's getting butchered...and that scares the hell out of me... :roll:

But seriously after watching this abortion of a football team play you think that Berry and Marshall know anything????

hahaha. i love it.^