Rescue Me

I’m not sure how familiar you all are with the Denis Leary show Rescue Me, but tonight I started watching season four, and in one of the episodes, I noticed Tommy Gavin (Leary’s character) was wearing a B.C. Lions shirt. It said Lions, and under that 06, and inbetween it had the B.C. Lions logo. I thought that was kind of funny. I didn’t know he was a fan.

Outside of Corner Gas and that 'CFL Draft' bit on the Simpsons, I can't think of any other show that featured the CFL brand. I think the CFL PR people should try to look into that. You see the NHL everywhere on NBC (wonder why?).

I was watching a documentary on a school in New Jersey on the Learning Channel a few years a go and one of the kids was wearing a green Riders jersey.

Kramer from Seinfeld only watches CFL, if I'm not mistaken, although I don't recall that any CFL jerseys appeared on the show.

one of the characters on 30rock claims in the show to have been a QB for the Ottawa team. quite funny if you watch the U-tube of him on the field.

King of the hill has had some comentary of the CFL.

Wrestling has done some differnet things, both WCW and WWE.

i was tryin to remember... didnt homer watch the grey cup one time? might have been a different cartoon.

Was watching an aweful movie the other day, called the comeback season, and i was sure the QB was practicing at McMohn stadium. the goal post was at the front of the end zone.

It's funny, I just finished season 4 of Rescue Me, and Denis Leary actually wore the B.C. Lions t-shirt in a few episodes.

He even wore a Toronto Maple Leafs shirt in one ep. lol

i was watching a movie with my kids, tooth fairy... and one set of jersies, were scary similar to old vancouver hockey jersies.

Yes, Kramer only watched “Canadian football,” as Jerry said. It’s why he won’t go to the Super Bowl with him. I never saw any jerseys on Seinfeld either.

Of course, Kramer did go to a Giants game in an episode (the one where the guy Elaine was dating was named Joel Rifkin), but I think that was before the episode with the CFL comment.

Like so many movies, perhaps the show was filmed in Vancouver??

Nothing will ever be better than Brent Butt as Saskaman!

There was an American show called Homicide: Life on the Streets and they featured the Baltimore Stallions on one of the episodes. I forget what it was for but the detectives were at a game and you could see the Stallions playing in the back ground.

Thats probably because Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock" used to be on the Calgary Stampeders practice roster, so he got a bit of exposure to the Canadian sports scene.

Also, because of Canada's new citizenship policy, The Rock is also a Canadian because his father, Rocky Johnson, was born in Nova Scotia. He spent some time in Canada (according to his autobiography) during his youth. Not a lot of time, but some.

one of the funniest things I ever saw.