Request To Argo Fans For East Final

Congrats of the first place finish. Now take advantage of it.

Please fill YOUR stadium next week.

Every ticket purchased is a seat that annoying Rider fans can not take.

For you dedicated Argo fans, take a friend to the game.

If there is just one game to get to, this is the one.

Hope to see lot's of blue. If not the red seats do look better than green jersey's.


This is so sad.

Organizers: Don't worry tho - RiderNation will pick up the tab for any unsold seats.

You had to follow me here now ?


Serious Argo fans. This guy and others are already boasting they will have more fans show up than you guys.

Do not let that happen.

Owners and management from all teams love it when the Riders come to town , we put bums in seats and I'm sorry that you have to put out a request to get fans to your home eastern final , but i'm afraid this will be like a home game for our Riders.


If you try to set aside your hatred for this thing called RiderNation, you MIGHT begin to comprehend that the Riders participation in the east final now makes it very financially successful event. That's kinda important. You know, this 'greater cause' term you may have heard once or twice?

Or maybe you could spend some of that boundless hatin' energy on getting some of those in YOUR market to step it up? CFL rivalry is fun, not the opposite which you valiantly try to portray. Sell it man!

I guess what I'm saying is that you suck at selling the CFL - but you excel in trying to crap on it. It's so bizarre that you are upset that a team has a committed and intense fan base that follows their team around.

I wonder if the problem with Toronto is that so much of the population is immigrant (46%) and more into soccer and the likes, sports that are popular in their old home country, while football is an old North American sport?

From a chart I just found 45% of the 46% of immigrants are from India, which is cricket land.

I've thought that as a possibility too, however a large portion of immigrants rapidly embraced the NFL and NHL - seemingly because that's what the locals do. If the CFL was embraced more by Canadians in TO, I believe that the immigrant market would follow that too.

I DO NOT live in Toronto.

I live in Calgary.

I DO not have a hatred for Ridernation.

I am just hoping for an Argos win.

I am also hoping the fine people of Toronto go out and cheer the Argos.

Because , I am cheering FOR a team does not mean I have hate for the other.

Please stop making assumptions people.

For real, some members of Ridernation need to get the egos in check.
Stop thinking other fan bases are against you.

Pump the brakes.
Some of you got a bit to cocky after the ESF win

Dude, ya gotta go back and read your posts. You hate Rider fans, that’s been made pretty clear.
People are just replying to what you enter in here.

Dude, you read my posts.

I may have put out some sarcastic banter, but nowhere at any time have I ever indicated I hate Rider fans.

You people take everything as an attack.

If I hated Rider fans , I would not have posted I DO NOT HATE ( as above ).

Trust me, if I hated any fan base, I would make it clear.
You would know it. I can be a mean SOB when I want to .

Good to know that you now enjoy green jerseys buying empty seats throughout the league. Remarkable recovery.

Cheers! ;D

Not sure what you mean with this, but just have fun and enjoy the games on Sunday.

I think you know what I mean

I have wondered why the team does not have kiosks set up at Union Station and a few other high traffic areas throughout the city to sell tickets?
Maybe the Pinner can be at Union with his wonderful personality that for sure would sell more than a few ducats.


Great to hear from an Argo fan about the big game.

Thank you.

Yea baby.
Our team to win by 7 in a very high scoring affair.
Say 38-31.

It's comments like these that are the reason so many people dislike the Riders and Rider Nation.

Why is that any different to when the Leafs go to Buffalo and invade their rink and with the fans behaviour being over the top as well?

Dislike RiderNation all you want. Hell - you can throw a tantrum - while we sell out BMO Field for ya.


It’s cute that you think that. Meanwhile, prior to the Riders even winning against the RedBlacks, the Argos had already sold over 17,000 for the game. It’s funny how Rider fans think they sell out every stadium, yet couldn’t even sell out every game for their own stadium this year lol.