Request for Zuger9

Hi everyone,

I have made a significant edit to my Madden 2004 All-Time Hamilton Tiger-Cat team to update player information and numbering. More importantly, I have adjusted the roster to closer reflect the fine effort of Zuger9's "Hamilton Tiger-Cats All-Time Depth Chart" (Version 7).

I would like to include Zuger9's depth chart jpg file as part of the upgrade zip file I want to post to I'd appreciate any help to communicate with Zuger9 through this thread, by e-mail, or PM to get his okay in doing this.

Thank in advance!

Oski Wee Wee,

I miss him. Great analyst.

Great handle ....."Zuger9"!


He likely got fed up with all the bickering and nonsense.

I'm quite sure that's exactly what did happen.

Zuger9 was definitely one of the most knowledgeable--and considerate-- members on this site. He never stooped to personal invective or rude behaviour in the name of "free speech"-- he didn't need to.

He is very sorely missed.

I will wait a few more days before I post the update zip file of my Ticat All-time team for Madden 2K4. I give full credit to Zuger9 in the update Readme document as his depth chart helped resolve many of the outstanding positioning isues I had with my roster.

Oski Wee Wee,