Request for the CARETAKER

So I am getting ready for the next home game and thought i would address a situation.

I park at Scott Park High School to tailgate. I refuse to call it LOT J. Any how, since this is apparently an official parking Lot for the team and everyone knows that some beer is consumed there not to mention WATER and FOOD. We need some facilities for releaving our selves. CARETAKER PLEASE bring some port o lets on site for the fans.

Good Idea..

I don't think the "caretaker" "AKA" Bob will care about whats going on at the Tailgate as you are not paying for high$$ priced beer at the stadium.The tailgate is an evil for the Ticats and they don't care for it, its tradition and they turn a blind eye to it, so get used to no porta potty its been that way for years :?

I think the Box J Boys will let you pee near or on them for a price. :wink:


For years, I heard how CFL games were boring because there were no tailgate parties etc. Now we seem to be getting them. I say, if it takes a few portable toilets to foster some fan based enthusiasm, why not?

Whatever it takes to build a fan base is a good thing, within reason of course. And off-site porta-potties are reasonable.

An Argo fan

Just do what the box j boys do, pee where ever you want. it doesnt bother them.


Classic :lol:

Can't say most Cat fans are Pampered, either. :wink:

I remember when Bob Young was looking into buying the team. There was a a month long secret of who was the newer owner because he was researching the team and going over the books. In this time i am sure that he had learned that football fans tailgate. When making the location an official stadium lot for ticat games i am sure he knew the fans tailgate. I may not be paying the high beer prices in the stadium at that point but i am paying $15 dollars to park which is up 3 dollars from last year and 5 dollars from 2 years ago. I think the team brass has a responsibilty to provide port o lets for the fans. Just because it has been that way for years doesn't mean it should stay that way. One man can make a difference and i am trying to be that man. thank me when it happens.

I would love to have the CARETAKER himself reply in this thread.

Bladders everywhere thank you.

This is a great Idea. Really what would 2-3 portable toilets cost?? I would think it would be worth it rather than having people urinate in public. I too would like to hear Mr Young's thoughts on this topic.

This may seem like a silly request...
but think about just travelled many miles to get to the game and have paid to park in Scott you have a long walk to the stadium. Or worse...if you came early to take in the hospitality and pre-game festivities of the Box J Boys you may be "a little uncomfortable". Now perhaps ...take into consideration that you have 2 guests (in wheelchairs) and their wives who have to enter at Beechwood and they are seated in the North-West corner... can you imagine the frustration of finding out that the washrooms there are not wheelchair accessable. They came back to the South-West corner for relief!

I would think that "port a potty's" over at Scott Park for the parking area would be a good idea! :thup:

Guys, I just can't see this happening.

Scott Park is not part of the stadium. Hence, the Cats cannot control underage drinking, consumption, etc. As such, providing port-a-potties would be seen to encourage drinking and, therefore, would be a liability concern (no liquor permit + no insurance converage = potential big problem).

If I were Bob, I would certainly recognize Tailgating as a reality, but not officially acknowledge it.

All it takes is for one drunk to injure himself or another.

Just my two cents. :wink:

Point well taken....However...

if the port-a-potty's were put in as a convenience to those that park in Scott Park as per my suggestion????? At $15.00 per car it would be a small piece out of the profits!

JustaGuy I can see your point but port o lets have nothing to do with drinking going on. If you had that many people gathering in one area before a game even when there is no alcohol present you would still need to go to the can every now and then. My fight continues......

Before I rant, I agree that port-o-lets would be a great addition, but I am curious as to how many people realize that we live in HAMILTON!!!

People...we all know that it would be great to have port-o-lets everywhere...but lets think about how many port-o-lets get destroyed every year in Hamilton by some complete tool that thinks it's a good time to destory things that do not belong to them...I have lived in Hamilton all my life (nearly 30 years) and have played sports in the city's parks for many of those years (and now my kids play in these same parks)...not a year has gone by in recent history that I can't recall at some point going to a park and seeing the port-o-let that was put there, for the public to make use of, has been covered in grafitti, or flipped over, or better yet, burned to the ground...

There is a reason many of the cities parks now have permanent buildings constructed for bathrooms. The only downside to these permanent buildings is that they remain locked most of the time unless the park is being officially used (i.e. some baseball league has scheduled games there and are paying to use the diamonds). If they did not remain locked the best case scenario (depending on how you look at it) is that these washrooms would be used for activities they were not intended (drug use, sex, etc.) or worst case would be destroyed (toilets/sinks broken or even the inside of thebuilding burned out).

Let's think about what happened last week in Ottawa with 3 complete idiots (at least one of which, according to the criminal code - and because he is not a minor - should have known better) decided to relieve themselves on a monument dedicated to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we as Canadians could live the way we do in the first place...hey I got an idea...why not build a monument in the middle of Scott Park...we can call it the Tomb of the Unknown Ticat know could be dedicated to that guy that has been a closet fan for years but doesn't want to admit it because the team can't win when it really counts!!!

Good Morning Mr. Morelli

I am a resident of Hamilton in ward 4 which is Mr. Merulla’s area but I am writing you with a concern about Ivor Wynne Stadium and Scott Park High school which I believe is in your WARD. I am concerned with the absence of restrooms or Port o lets present at the parking lot of the high school during football games. I have season tickets to the TigerCats and like a lot of other football fans in the city I go to the game early to tailgate at Scott Park High School which if I understand correctly is being used as an Official parking lot for the team during games ( LOT J ). I will admit to the consumption of alcohol at these tailgate parties (It is always in a plastic cup) but there are things going on there such as BBQ, so people are eating and not everyone drinks beer there are some such as my wife that will just drink water.

So after my wife having to walk 3 blocks to a Tim Horton’s to use the facilities I had started my quest with Mr. Young and the TigerCats Organization. I had posted on the Teams official website forums page as a direct request to Mr. Young.
Here is the link if you are interested in reading my posted and replies from supporters. … highlight= .

So I did not receive any response from Mr. Young himself. I was informed by someone that the Stadium and I assume the school property was owned by the city and that’s why I am approaching you to see if there is anything you can do to help me with this. I know that charity groups or sports fundraisers run that lot and are allowed to charge what they want and keep the profits. Can we have them include port o lets also if they are the ones running the parking and charging us $15 per car. $15 to park is up 3 dollars from lat year an I do not find it unreasonable to ask that the people who are collecting that money provide 2-3 port o lets which from experience I know only cost about $115.
This may sounds like a frivolous request but I would like to change the stigma of Hamilton the dirty town and I would like to see something there as far a restrooms as I am not happy with the current solution which is to urinate in public against a school and this is really no solution for woman or the handicapped which I know also enjoy the tailgating experience.

I look forward to a response when you look into this and I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide in getting this request to become reality.