Request for Chris Getzlaf.

Can you arrange through your Ontop of The World Brother to have the Stanley Cup brought to the Stadium where fans can view it, touch it at a pregame? That would be cool. First you have to make the team. I wish you all luck in that. We have a Calder Cup now, but I still would love to be up close to the Stanley Cup. Tall order I realize, but Bob can move mountains. (edit) can't you bob?

You'd be better off calling the Hockey Hall of Fame...not you, but the team.

The Cup will be on a travelling roadshow this summer and I don't think IWS would be a destination. October and November (see...I'm predicting November football :stuck_out_tongue: ) would be good times to do this...if they cared to.

Now the Calder Cup on the other hand.... :thup:

Yes by all means the Calder Cup too! Side by side. Or we can wait until November to display the Calder, Stanley, and Grey Cup since we're going to win that this year too without a doubt. (fingers crossed)

Having my Ducks win the Cup 2 days ago was tbe best feeling and moment of my life compared to all i have seen the Ducks are truly one of the kind.

The Ducks...They were Senator killers, no doubt about it. Even championship quality goaltending from Ray Emery could not stop them. Even the Commissioner's attempt at bringing Ottawa back into the series by disqualifing Pronger failed to prevail.

But what name for a team? I shoot ducks up here with about as much remorse as swatting a mosquito.

rubber ducky you're the one......rubber ducky you're so much fun......strangely, i feel better now that i said that.

Say all you want the Ducks are for Real and from the looks of it the Ticats will do the same.

How is Chris doing at Training Camp? After watching him play with Rams I am interested to hear how he is doing in Hamilton.

At least it's not the MIGHTY DUCKS that's going to be etched onto the Cup. I can totally live with the name DUCKS. Infact... I really like the name.

Think about it...

A great tradition in Canada is young kids learning how to play hockey on a frozen pond. Well, Ducks swim in ponds. So the name Ducks isn't bad at all.

(I know that's not why they're named the Ducks... but it still works)

Besides... As far as names on the cup go...

Penguins aren't much better... even though I really like that name, too!