reports on team 1260 (i dunno if its true)

but it said the eskimos have signed joe montford

Now that would be funny. The Esks realizing there's a reason why Montford was highly paid !

Will they get back Brady?... And Beaton?... And Morris?... And Lesfrud?... And Fleiszer?...

If true, it looks like the Eskimo management spent Canada Day barbaquing crow and will spend the rest of the year eating it..

or they were smart since they probably got him for a discount then before

yep...start the year 1-2 and pick up montford for alot less then he was getting.

theres still plenty of games for the eskies to turn it around with montford.

good move by the esks!

one question tho...does montford get his #53 back again, cuz someone else has it now?

sommersel has 53 it now, but I don't really care about #'s. HUGE MOVE by the Eskimos. Looks like Maciocca is finally realizing how much of a retard he is. Now our pass rush will actually exist once again!

There's still lots of football to be played.

i think it was also becasue charles alston was hurt

Probably. Guess they aren't confident with Braidwood yet. But I'm sure Montford will find a starting role on the d-line.

Smart move if true.

well its on the home page of now, and i guess its a smart move..but a dumbass move to cut him in the first place..that coach is an idiot, he as no idea what hes doin, how long before donny..oops i mean donald brady comes back...3-4 days?

While Montford will help the Esks D, IMO they need way more than a Dlineman. A fullback is a glaring need, no running game means they still wont be able to finish drives.

thnks sambo...we always wanna know the oppinion of a saskchewan fan...not

yea i think they mite need some people in that secondary...u never no with danny maccioca..he may use montford as a db replacing durden?..i think it just mite work..GREAT signing by the esks

You saw the game yourself did you not RNR? Just exactly how many RUSHING yards did they get??

Hey, I don't know if it's true, but I heard Dany Maciocia offered Rob Brown and Reggie Durden to the Als in return for Davis Sanchez...


We have 2 good fullbacks on Maurer and Bertrand. Montford dominates the d-line and helps the rest of the excel by drawing double teams. It'll free up our LBs and make QBs make quicker throws. Big move for the defense. Sommersell is huge on the other side too. We went froma weakness to a huge strength

Some of you say it's a smart move as they don't have to pay him as much, some say it was a stupid move. but...

I wonder if this will put a bitter taste in Montfords mouth for next season. Is he gonna jump out of Edmonton before he gets kicked out next time?

lucky dogs :cry: good move signing him :wink:

i wonder if the esks realized there was a void in the eskimos lockerroom...

apparently the eskies grey cup ring has a saying on it that joe montford came up with last season...

that tells me, montford was a big part of the lockerroom chemistry, and that is what the eskies seem to lack the most thu these first 3 games...leadership!

Question tho, if this trade was legit (although I doubt it), will Brown and Sanchez actually appear in an Als uniform this season? :roll: