Reports of Alouettes exceeded the cap, may lose draft choice

No only SSK and MTL…BC fans were doing the Attacking! :wink:

I think you mean 6 game, no?

Interesting. But like everyone else, I'll wait for the official announcement.

IMO. The system is working fairly well. It appears all teams are working within the "framework" and ideals that the SMS was designed to accomplish.

It is a new system and I think we will see some tweaking at the next BOG meeting to deal with injuries, development of young players and hopefully with veterans that have done a lot for the league. I don't think it is fair that guys that have entertained fans for 8 or 10 years are providing all the cuts in payroll.

I would like to see a CAP per player added at around 250k. This would accomplish two things. It would allow teams to retain their top players and it would cut disparity from top to bottom. It makes no sense to have a guy making 500k on a payroll of 4 million for 50 or so athletes. I think the league could sell this to the CFLPA because it would benefit 98% of the players in the league. There is probably 10 guys or less that consume 20% of the total payroll. I don't think that is fair personaly.

Assuming for a moment that all these numbers are true, it further disproves the myth that you can buy a Grey Cup! The team that spent the most on salaries came frighteningly close to missing the playoffs. Just like a couple of years ago, before the SMS kicked in, the team that probably spent the most on acquiring star players -- the Tiger-cats -- won only a handful of games and failed to qualify for the post-season.

So maybe we should cut the 'Riders some slack for exceeding the cap. Doing so did not buy them the Grey Cup, anymore than it did for the Ticats of '06 or the Alouettes of '07.

Nope ... but they do need to keep the nine and have a three game one. A three game list guy couldn't be placed on it consecutively so the teams will have to roll the dice in proportion to how much room they left themselves under the cap to pay the replacement player and the injured. I think any team that starts the season within 100k of the cap should pay the price, thats just bad management.