Reports of Alouettes exceeded the cap, may lose draft choice

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...I'll believe it when something more substantive is released...remember all the he said/she said when the Riders were rumoured to be over?

that would be embarresing if its, cheating and still doing that bad... at least when the riders cheated they still won the grey cup :slight_smile:.

I said it before and I will say it again.....
Its Herb!

I dont buy the argument that the Riders "cheated" because they exceeded the cap by $50K. Only trolls like Mervin truly believe that, but Tillman did well to pare down salaries and have a competitive enough team to win the GC. Give Tillman the full credit he deserves on this point.

As for Montreal, I will wait to see official numbers before I believe Mr. Zurkowsky.

I know everyone will say that I have this opinion because its Montreal but I said this before in the SSK threads.

Its only cheating if you cook the books. If Montreal went over they will pay the price for it in fines and the loss of picks.

So true. The cheating calls come from jealousy, its no secret folks, we've all been envious before.



btw, was it Montreal that was named a while back along with the Riders as one of two teams that were over?

From memory, yes it was.


If there are ramifications in Montreal, it won’t be so much for going over the SMS, as it was the lack of payback for doing so.

I mean, other than Cavillo and maybe Cahoon, what high-priced talent did they have?

They had a rookie tailback, no WR’s of any note, a turnstile was installed to handle the flow at O-line…where did they spend the money?

DB's, Brady, Maas and injuries.


OK, I'll give you (No)Maas, and that DB that came back from Washington. But still.....

Yea, thats why I'll wait and see I guess.


I'll wait and see the actual numbers when they come out.
But IF Montreal is over, one should remember that they were as hard hit in the injury department as the Riders. The Riders were able to make good use of the 9 game list, and thereby exempted approx. 200,000 in costs from the cap. If the Als had a similar number of total injuries (600,000), but could not justify placing as many players on the 9 game list, it adds up.

Not following the Als as closely as I do the Riders, perhaps Ro can enlighten us as to the injury costs, including the 9 game costs.

Hopefully when the time comes, the league will announce exactly where all teams stood regarding the cap. But if after spending nearly 600,000 in injury costs, the Als are over by say 200,000, but a team like Calgary which perhaps had less than half that amount in injury costs came in at say 100,000 under, then that means actual salaries of the two teams would be nearly identical--as was the on field result.

At the end of the day, it would be a little surprising if from top to bottom there is more than a 500,000 variation in spending, which means the cap is doing its job.....pre-cap, that gap was always over 1 million, or more....

Yes Montreal was named by TSN but if you remember SSK was the team attacked by poster and Montreal was pretty much ignored

Sorry but I have no idea as to what the numbers might be

I seem to have some vague memories of this, still trying to get all the blood off the keyboard.... :wink:


If there is some truth to this story (not saying there is), then Montreal being over the sms cap based cap injuries and salaries. Since the 9 game cap doesn't count it won't matter what Montreal was able to do with it.

In Tillman's letter he stated Sask was at $385K with cap related injuries and that was the highest in the league. The rest of league averaged about $225K.

Not knowing the final numbers for Montreal, assuming they had less injuries then Sask (according to Tillman) and said they had $350K in cap related injuries. For Montreal to be over by more then $100K it would mean they only budgeted $250K for cap related injuries which would be close to league average. Where as Tillman budgeted $335K.

What the smaller budget for cap related injuries allowed Montreal to do was spend and extra amount on player salaries.

the CFL needs a six-man injured list

I thought BC was in there also...?