Reporting Injuries

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The Seattle TimesVerified account
Pete Carroll says Richard Sherman played second half of season with ‘significant’ knee injury >>

Chris MortensenVerified account
The @Seahawks could lose 2nd round pick as NFL considers penalties for failure to disclose Richard Sherman's knee injury. More on @ESPNNFL


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This rule is obviously for gambling purposes, I can see the CFL following suit on this!

The @Seahawks could lose 2nd round pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Could not lose a 2nd round pick!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do players play with injuries???? YES

Why are people posting about Seahawk injuries in the "CFL Talk" area of the forum??
Did the Seahawks join the CFL recently? :roll:
Please post about Yankee football (as well as all the TFC $h!t) in the appropriate area and keep this for CFL stuff.
Would also be nice if there were actual mods here that did some work at cleaning things up and moving threads to the appropriate areas.

Why are people posting about Seahawk injuries in the "CFL Talk" area of the forum?? Because we want to Du-fuss!!

The point made from the original poster is, In NFL you are required to post public a players injury , its extent and now long the player may miss 2 days after a game. In the CFL they are not required to do this, its actually hard to find injury reports that may or may not keep a player out to the game until game time.

Just to help you out! Should this rule be adopted by CFL, Answer Probably Yes.

And Rocky moderators need help there's only one. But don't apply. Little humor required. :cowboy: :cowboy:

It is the lack of transparency, not letting him play, that is at issue.