Reporters - Please take note:

Watching some of the latest interviews is enough to drive you crazy.

Here are a few tips for our roving reporters;

a) When asking a question - point the microphone at your own face so we can hear what you are saying/asking! :roll:

b) When getting a reply - point the microphone at the interviewee

This way we don't just get Charlie Brown's teacher in the far background followed by a reply from the person in question. One sided conversations are very frustrating.

See today's interview with Quinton as a prime example... This is far from the first time.

lol i hate that. its reporter: mpph mpph mphh mppph?? interviewee: yeah, we've been trying to work on that all week.

I would like to add... When putting together interviews with multiple players, please find different questions to ask each one. Or at least ask a FEW of the same questions but get beyond the little thought out "what did that win feel like?" or "tell me what you were thinking just after..."