Report: Wright's CFL days numbered Staff

4/15/2006 10:05:11 AM

Tom Wright's days as CFL commissioner appear to be numbered.

The Globe and Mail, citing multiple CFL sources, says Wright will not be offered a contract extension when governors meet next month for their annual league meetings. Among their options are to fire Wright, ask for his resignation or simply allow his current contract to expire at the end of the 2006 season.

A year ago, CFL governors voted to give Wright a one year extension but the decision was far from unanimous.

Now, in the wake of the Ottawa Renegades crisis, the newspaper says the feeling among CFL owners is that it may be time for a change in leadership.

Wright has been at the helm of the CFL since 2003, taking over for Micheal Lysko who was fired after just 16 months on the job.

While Wright's accomplishments during his 20 month term include new, stable ownership groups in Toronto and Hamilton and getting the league to agree on a new salary cap structure, the Renegades fiasco is seen as the final nail in the coffin by owners who believe he does not have a long term vision for the future.

Bad move.

lol... and just when you think it can't get funnier.

Im not so sure that it matters whether he should be fired or not, his days are numbered, question should be who should replace him. It may be a tough answer than you might think, given the fact that hardly any names are being bandied about, so how about some suggestions here?

I have nothing to say right now I do hold him and the Board responbile for the Gades demise.

of course!
It's always someone else's fault!!!!!

I don't think Wright should be fired or let go. I think he's done more good for the league than bad. But onto your question of who to replace him. I doubt that the CFL is going to have any waiting in the wings to replace him, so it will probably be BC Lions owner David Braley on an interim basis again.


get rid of the bum

despite what happened with Ottawa, which likely wasn't TW ultimate decision, TW id still the best commissarnor the CFL has had in a long time, and should keep his job.

and who knows, maybe the Ottawa situation will improve?

The BOG will be making a big mistake if they replace Wright. But what can I say...It's "my" owner (Using that term very loosely!) leading the charge.

I really hope cooler heads prevail and they take into consideration all the good things Wright has done.

It seems to me a lot of finger pointing is going one… but there were a number of factors in the Gades’ demise… lousy fan support, idiocy at Ottawa city hall, inept Board of governors, Gliebermans… and Wright for allowing the B)G to vote them back in… he may have some good things, but CFL needs to clean up its act for this league to be respected… replacing Wright is only a start to that process…

It's starting to look like Tom Wright is history...rightly or wongly...I'm kind of neutral wouldn't hurt my feelings if he was retained but he seems to have loss the confidence of the BOG. The problem is I don't think anybody of substance will want the job. Its my opinion that Dave Braley thinks he can do the job as an owner/commissioner just like Bud Selig does for Baseball.