Report - WR Josh Gordon trying to get into CFL

Report coming in late last night that Josh Gordon was trying to work out a deal with the Cleveland Browns per Sirius Radio NFL Channel to allow him to play for the Calgary Stampeders…

This will get interesting if the Browns allow him to play…

If he's under contract to an NFL team, can he even sign with a CFL team?

According to @TSNDaveNaylor Josh Gordon cant play in #CFL because he's under contract with the Browns, not because he's suspended for weed.

Per ESPN Cleveland. If the Browns allow him to play in the CFL then the NFL apparently can not get in the way. This is in the CFL/NFL agreement.

So the waiting game is now on the NFL Browns.

And everyone in the USA is talking about this so it's going to get major attention until a decision has been made.

Can't see this happening but it would amount to great publicity for the CFL as Gordon was the NFL's top receiver this past season.

The RB's could certainly use him much more than the powerful Stamps though...

[b]Arash Madani @ArashMadani Heads up to @mortreport and @AdamSchefter: Because Josh Gordon is suspended while on a NFL contract, he's ineligible to play in the #CFL.

Chris Mortensen @mortreport
The CFL official said the league “made a mistake” and closed loophole that enabled Ricky Williams to play for Toronto while under suspension[/b]

According to the host on NFL radio - The NFL/CFL agreement means nothing if the Browns allow Gordon to play in the CFL.

the WR who signed with Toronto should not be allowed to play under the same written rule. Clearing waivers means nothing. The NFL is just not acting on the signing. If they did then the NFL would be right in voiding the signing.

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Well it may not mean anything from an NFL point of view but it does not mean the CFL will allow it. Very strange that an agent would allow a client who has the potential to be a top earner to risk injury in the CFL. Interesting…

[b]In a separate report on, Mortensen detailed exactly what Gordon's plans for playing in the CFL and an NFL return in 2015 would entail:

*Gordon’s plans include having a dialogue with CFL officials on whether he would be eligible to play there and still return to the NFL in 2015 if he is reinstated by commissioner Roger Goodell, sources said. He would remain under the NFL’s treatment program, which would include counseling and random drug testing.[/b]

[b]ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk Per league source, the Calgary Stampeders hold Josh Gordon's rights and want him badly.[/b]

So he would be a 10 game rental. Well the CFLPA wanted the option gone :lol:

Josh would need to be released outright by the Browns in order to be eligible to play in the CFL…

[b]Ian Rapoport @RapSheet

Texting with a CFL GM who tells me if Josh Gordon is under contract & suspended, rules don’t allow him to play in CFL. Only if he’s cut.[/b]

And that is the end of that…

Calgary Stampeders and Josh Gordon agent have agreed to contract and are waiting for the Cleveland Browns permission..... source suggets Cleveland is considering allowing Gordon to play for Calgary.

Looks like Gordon to the Calgary is 90% done.

link ? Where can we find this info ? CFL rules fairly clear !!!

kasps, really, you are expecting the beach man to provide a link for his 'source' ?

Give your head a shake.

I figured Josh Gordon could take the ceremonial opening kick off , in the new CFL sponsored soccer league that he guaranteed was starting . :roll: :roll: :cowboy:

It's NOT happening! this is a joke.

That’s odd, I heard sources say he’s already signed to the Leafs for the remainder of the golf season.

I just found this link:

[url=] ... son-082814[/url]

Says the CFL will not consider him due to his suspension.