Report: WR Dhaquille 'Duke' Williams headed to Riders

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have reportedly signed free agent receiver D’haquille ‘Duke’ Williams.

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Huge signing. This changes the offence significantly. Fajardo's got a guy who can get that 50/50 ball so hopefully the whining stops. Didn't like him basically throwing his receivers under the bus. Now it's on him. When you win the QB gets most of the credit, when you lose, suck it up & don't point fingers. Just sayin'.


Wow!! Big signing.

Thought the Tiger-Cats may have tried to acquire first Derel Walker then, his former teammate Duke Williams, to ensure a Grey Cup Appearance. These receivers make for big targets and may be less prone to injury. For instance, when Banks gets a horrible hit from the defensive backs or the powerful linebackers the Cats are in jeopardy of losing him for games.

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Now this is a great signing, guess I'm going to have to stop calling him Duck now and call him Duke. He won't be a favorite of Suitory, Black and the rest of the tsn clown posse now.

Maas was probably a significant factor I'm thinking.

The good news is he should know the offense. The bad news is he'll have to be quarantined because "covud".

It'll be a really good 1-2 punch with him and Shaq down the stretch. Hopefully both of them start after the bye

Despite the Elk problems, I don't see Derel Walker being available & my guess Williams probably never close to signing in Hamilton. But nice thought.

This is a strange signing by the Riders. With the return of Shaq Evans to the lineup in the near future. Who's roster spot will the "Duke" occupy :question: Perhaps they can trade or loan him to my Edmonton Elks-he was a former Eskimo :question:Duke-Take 4
Duke-Take 3
Duke-Take 2

I agree and was shocked that Fajardo blamed anyone but himself. When your leader exhibits such a lack of character and professionalism the hope of winning the Cup is all but a pipedream.

My guess is Picton finds his way to #2 behind Schaeffer-Baker, they go with Boyko down the stretch on oline and Ricardo Louis finds himself back on the pr

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Haaaaaa by the time he starts playing calgary will already be ahead by the riders 3 games to none

Folks, let's not lose sight of the real issue here, and that is that the league has TOO MANY WILLIAMSES!

Calgary alone has four - two on the O-line Ucambra Williams and Zach Williams. Then new receiver Dan Williams, and then another kid on the PR Kobe Williams.

Next up is Terry Williams, kick returner for the Elks, but it gets worse. Ottawa signed a couple of guys to their PR last month named Terrance Williams and Terry Williams! They already have Avery Williams on the game roster while Edmonton also has Darius Williams.

Of course there's Frankie Williams in Hamilton.

BC has hot rookie Jordan Williams at LB but Sask already has receiver Jordan-Williams-Lambert!!

And what about Saskatchewan. They now add Duke Williams to Tim Williams who has been on the IL from the moment that he arrived.

That's 14 Williamses!

Let's not forget about the infestation of Evanses.

Hamilton not only has Dane Evans but also Ciante Evans, two starters. Ottawa has DB Randall Evans and now QB Caleb Evans, and we cannot forget Rider deep threat Shaq Evans.

Which brings us to the issue of ... TOO MANY SHAQ'S

In addition to Shaq Evans, there is Shaq Johnson and Shaq Cooper both on the Lions, and Shaq Richardson in Toronto. It's obvious where their mothers all took the name from. It's supposed to be unique but now it's just like Mike or Doug or Tim or Joe or even Jamal! You'd think that at least one of them could be a Tyreeke, a Tebucky or a D'Brickashaw!

And not only is there a Shaq Cooper on BC, but a Jaelon Edwards-Cooper! Which brings us to the Edwards issue. Edmonton has Armanti Edwards and Earnest Edwards (both receivers!) and the Argos have Chris Edwards. There are too many Edwardses!

There are also too many Moores. Mike Moore is in Edmonton and Charlie Moore is in Calgary, while Montreal carries vet TE Spencer Moore on the PR, but Sask is the main offender here with receiver Kyran Moore AND HIS COACH Travis Moore!

Harris is also a potential problem, although there are only three Harrises in the CFL at this time, they are all very high profile veterans: Andrew Harris in Winnipeg, Trevor Harris in Edmonton and RJ Harris in Ottawa.

Similarly are the Adamses. Montreal QB Vernon Adams, Bomber receiver Darvin Adams and Sask pass rusher Keion Adams are all fairly high to high profile.

Rose is also another to keep an eye on. With Jonathan Rose in Edmonton, Mike Rose in Calgary, Zeke Rose on Winnipeg's 6-game and Winston Rose not currently in the league but still floating around in everyone's scout books, we can't let the Roses get out of hand!

Next there are the Johnsons. We mentioned Shaq Johnson in BC already. The Lions also have Hakeem Johnson. Calgary has Evan Johnson, Sask has Micah Johnson AND Gary Johnson, and Winnipeg carries Josh Johnson on the IL. Too many, I say!

The league is too White! John White starts at RB for Toronto, Hamilton has brothers Tim White and Papi White, and also a Gordon Whyte (don't let the y fool you!) as there's also stalwart kicker Sean Whyte in Edmonton, while Montreal has Reggie White on the PR. And not to be forgotten, there's Lucky Whitehead!

But really, if the Williams are too far out of control then we must put a stop to the proliferation of Davises before it gets out of hand! Not only is there Ja'Gared Davis on the Ti-Cats, but also receiver Marcus Davis in BC. Ottawa alone has FOUR DAVISES - QB Dominique Davis, leading receiver Ryan Davis, backup RB Justin Davis and the kid on the PR Reshaan Davis, while waiting for their chance on Montreal's PR are Patrick Davis and Jamal Davis!

We must stop this or it won't belong before everyone will have the same last name of the back of his jersey!!


:clap::clap: WOW, that's a lot of work, take two beers on your afternoon coffee break, you deserve it.

I bow to the Master. :bow_and_arrow: get it? bow and arrow.
Aww Come'on man

I just blew my fantasy budget on Duke, how long before he can suit up???

I would guess that he would come out of quarantine just in time for the bye week?

Why is it that reporters insist on revisionist history?
The Edmonton ELKS only came into being in 2021, thanks to Edmonton's woke American President, Chris Presson.
Yet, this story mentions that Duke Williams previously was a member of the Edmonton Elks in 2016 and 2017.
No, he was a member of the Edmonton ESKIMOS.
Don't erase the identity of the club from history, slapnuts!
Hopefully the Eskimos will return when people have had enough of political correctness and cancel culture.

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Slapnuts? Lol is this JJ Jeff Jarrett? :rofl:

Nooooooooooooooo!!! Wanted him back in Edmonton!!

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well, a rose by any other name.....