Report: Trevor Harris to sign with Riders in free agency

TORONTO — Trevor Harris could be the next starting quarterback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

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I guess if this comes to pass, then Fajardo's only team left would be Montreal. That is for a starting job Anyway. I doubt Bethel-Thompson is leaving the Argos. His hope to move to the NFL is too high and not likely

So they offered Harris a 2 year deal, huh? Does that include an O-Line to protect his 36 year old body? Maybe he should have talked to Michael (Mike) Reilly first...

So the implosion in Montreal continues. They gotta sort out ownership, then find a good GM and Coach. The search now has to be for Q, as they have nothing in the stable now. It could be Fajardo or Evans to fill that spot. Neither at the moment breeds a lot of confidence, so they might get one cheap.

My only knock on Harris is he can go from one of the best QBs in the league to one of the worst. Hope the Riders get good Trevor.


Fajardo is likely to go there. Hamilton will try to get something in a trade. It's a very good draft class & the TiCats only have 5 picks, none in round 2 & 3. The asking price in recent years for a starting QB is a round 2 or 3 pick. They won't release him for nothing IMO. The last thing the TiCats want is for an Eastern opponent to get Evans. They can afford to keep him until final cuts as the salary doesn't count. Lots can change with the QB situation by training camp. Injuries happen away from the game too. Not smart IMO to give up a potential asset too early. What's the rush?

The Rider situation will be fun to watch. They have so many holes, partly by their inability or decision to let 32 players go to Sunday. If they have to circle back to some of these guys there may be some pretty pricey deals on the table to match. Plus, as in the Harris case, pay top dollar for any new guys. Harris signing for over $1MM for 2 years, paid $250K for Lanier - he's only played 21 games over 2 years & is turning 30.

BTW - looks like Wienke is coming over to Mtl & Bombers trying to lure Lawler back. Not sure they can afford to pay the kind of money he wants BUT $$$ are never everything.

Looks like a lot of crazy money might be thrown around. Everyone's gone to the moon.

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Things happening fast. About that Lawler deal?? A close source to the Elks says he's looking for $333K per season for 3 years. Not surprising since Lewis has publicly stated some time ago he's seeking $350K so should someone sign him in the neigbourhood, that sets the market for top end talent. He's not getting that kind of term or salary from the Elks IMO. They may still have an edge because he moved his family to Edmonton in the off-season & they are the only team that can give him guaranteed money if he re-signs for 3 years. Personally, there are a glut of receivers on the market right now & I'd go for a cheaper option. What does it tell your QB if a receiver is making bigger bucks than he is?

The past couple of years receivers have been getting big $$ but I hope, for all concerned, we haven't got some team signing up receivers for the kind of $$$ some QB's are making. Not the same impact on the game.

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Speaking of Wienke, Macioca kind of threw him under the bus. I think the contract had a lot of incentives tied to production and Macioca just pulled the rug from under his feet, that is until the end of the season. Doesn't look good for Mtl. Back to the basement in a heartbeat.

Believed and signed are two different things. When he inks the deal its done, until then, there are opportunities for teams to make him offers still.

The not great is he is 36, not a big arm, not the most mobile guy.

The good is he likes quick offence, has the best three step drop in the league, reads defences well and can get the ball out quickly - which will help any o-line look good.


Wienke is a good catch. IMO better than any receiver on the roster now, although the message is pretty clear that their positions aren't safe. For starters it's pretty easy to guess that Evans & Duke are almost certainly on the way out.

This signing is bound to make Harris happy. Don't know the details but he may come with a very reasonable price tag because of last year. I like the signing a lot.

Problem is it will be very difficult for them to upgrade the OL in FA. I could see them getting, say, a Couture which likely means they move away from Clark. But the OT positions on both sides are a huge issue. The only really o/s guy available is Figueroa & he would cost a lot.

Good point. Hervey was a REDBLACK until nanoseconds before FA when he changed his mind. The Als still will have 48 hours to convince him otherwise next Sunday. And apparently the ownership situation is moving along with some interested buyers - likely too late, but if Danny Mac gets the handcuffs removed this week, who knows? Stranger things have happened.

I don’t know if you were referring to the 3Down article on Lawler’s interest in the Bombers, but below is the link to it which I posted earlier.

Note that Lawler can’t even get guaranteed money from Edmonton as he hasn’t been there the requisite two years so there is a level playing field for all teams in that regard. I think there is a good chance he becomes a Bomber again.


Interesting, Lawler as it turns out has become his own worst enemy....had he stayed with WBB in 2022, he likely would have played in the Grey Cup game (possible being the difference for a 3peat) but has now removed himself from guaranteed money. If I'm not mistaken he also represents himself for negotiations.

From the 3Down article....
Dalton Schoen, Nic Demski, Drew Wolitarsky and Carlton Agudosi are four likely starters at receiver for Winnipeg. With Schoen and Agudosi on rookie deals, Lawler could fit into the financial picture to give the Bombers their fifth starter at receiver. He is ineligible to receive guaranteed money from any team on his next contract as he has not spent the past two years with the same club.

Somewhere around 1 million over 3 years isn't that bad when you consider the CBA has a small increase year over year. The WBB really need to get this deal done. As we already have some pretty quality people sticking around that long.

Looks like Lawler is all but a done deal with the Bombers for 2 years. Terms of deal to be released. Thanks for the correction on the guarantee - of course, that's correct.

I'd be surprised if he got the kind of money he asked for but IMO this has to be considered a good deal for the Bombers.

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Should add the Elks had already agreed to a deal with Dunbar so obviously discussions with Lawler went nowhere. I think that works out well for all parties involved. I think fans in both cities should be happy. Wonder if this affects whether or not your club can sign Bailey? This would spell the end for Ellingson in any case, no?

Yes it’s great for the Bombers and I’m sure there isn’t an unhappy Bomber fan as a result of the news. I personally consider him to be the best current receiver in the league but for those who prefer Geno they are definitely 1 and 1A no matter who you prefer. Ever since the Bombers trade for him last season was nixed by his injury there have been consistent rumours that the Bombers were interested. I haven’t seen what he received yet reported. The chatter was that he was looking for 3 years for 1 million but I expect his two year deal will have less AAV than that, although it should still be significant.

I believe that you are correct about Ellingson and that is what is being reported and what I prefer to see too. Nothing against him but age and injuries are taking their toll. If he wants to still play I’m sure he’ll find a home somewhere. Hamilton is going to need some receivers soon.

Sorry, forgot about Bailey. I have no idea whether they can afford to have him back. I think they would want him back. If they can’t afford him he’ll easily find a home. Having Lawler, Schoen and Demski as your top three might just rule Bailey out.

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Strangely - I think other teams may respect that and not do what the Riders just did. It's a bit taking advantage of the situation to do what they did IMO.
If new ownership is in the works then give them a chance to resign some guys rather than picking their bones clean while they are sort of helpless.....

Two wheels have already fallen off the cart in Montreal; Wieneke and now Bolduc both move to Regina. Bolduc went down a peg from assistant head coach which may say something. Harris is next.

Lewis wants to go, some see him in BC, some in Ottawa. Montreal would hate for him to go to Ottawa but they should have done something to keep him or exchange him.

Yeah - good for the Bombers. As I said, both teams did okay. Veerrrryy interesting stats that surprised me. First 2 years Lawler with Bombers vs 1st 2 years Dunbar with Hamilton.

-both came to the league @ age 25. Dunbar 6'3", 202 - Lawler 6'3", 197. Stats for both eerily similar.

Lawler Yr 1 16 games, 637 yds, 175 YAC 4 TD's
Dunbar 12 games, 630 yds, 180 YAC 4 TD's

Lawler Yr 2 13 games 1,014 yds, 174 YAC 6 TD's
Dunbar 17 games 1,000 yds, 330 YAC 6 TD's

Lawler total 29 games, 1,651 yds, 359 YAC 10 TD's
Dunbar 29 games, 1,630 yds, 510 YAC 10 TD's

Tale of the tape - there is virtually no difference between them size wise, or stats wise for their 1st 2 years in the league when both were 25 & 26 years old. Of course, Lawler did have Zach throwing him the ball those 2 years & will again. But I think both clubs should be very happy with the signings.

Yes interesting stats. I wonder what Geno’s stats are in comparison. Both Kenny and Geno for me win the eye test over Dunbar and make the more difficult catches. Perhaps they aren’t as formidable running after the catch.