Report - told CFL announcement is going to surprise fans

Thought this should make a major topic of discussion. Was told by my CFL source that CFL teams know what this announcement is and apparently its going to be big for the CFL and its fans.

Was told this announcement is ''HUGE FOR THE FANS''

What could it be?

CFL network?
in-stadium media accessibility?

Will be televised and on national radio shortly after 4pm central.

Was told EA has held discussions at CFL offices as recently as last month.

Could it be game? they have had dealings already

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Or it could be a new national CFL brand beer

Former CFL writer out of Saskatchewan said he does not know what the announcement is exactly but was told by a Rider official that its going to be a big one for the fans as well.

2 hours away everyone. Get ready.

Marty is that you?

Other than an EA (or other company) doing a CFL game nothing would surprise me.

Bell ain't gonna pay much more for what they get, they've propped up a wobbly financial status league (many markets) and have graced some markets with land office profits!

Any announcements re: officiating would have to be taken with a grain of salt - announcements are easy, the work is hard!

In-game media accessibility. Not for me - possible for a few of the twerkers and jerkonis at riderfans who biatch about every play that doesn't work having an officiating problem! Twittering w/ a donkey like Rod Black or a slobrain like Forde ain't my cup o' tea.

So if its an announcement of import - probably a game, immo! :cowboy:

Your sources don't know what the announcement is yet Access? I'm shocked. :lol:

Welcome to next year land Lyle.

video game would be amazing!

Me bombers and Wadzilla acting very passive-aggressive, threatening to bring Rich Hall back for another go at DC. That should sink season tix by at least 5%, certainly no growth. Bomber fans know a loser when they see one - Hall no longer knows whether he’s foot or horseback!

Now there's a name from the past I haven't thought about in a while. It's probably a good thing that he's not reporting on the league anymore, but I still kinda miss him.

Been told by my source that the announcement could be a major addition to the CFL draft. That it will be a live draft on location in Regina beginning in'17.

Stay tuned. Lots of reports coming that a video game is still going to be announced but my source has confirmed that the CFL has had plans to get this done for the last 2 seasons.

So are mods ever going to do something about this buffoon ?


wow i'm watching the live presser and who in the world were those blondes? exciting stuff already.

So, your source is reading yesterday's CBC articles? :lol:

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no tridus. nobody knows what the presser is yet. sit tight.

My sources are telling me you're an idiot.