Report: Tillman To Plead Guilty

Wow. Isn't that interesting....

It's frustrating that they can't tell us what happened because she is under 18. What is truly sad though is that the system calls her a minor yet 16+ is perfectly legal to have sex with. The legal age of consent really needs to be 18 in Canada.

This trial however is not about consensual sex though.. Tillman is a scumbag.

Would make a wonderful manager for the Boatmen.

What makes me sick is that he just admitted to sexual assault of a minor and people (not on this site, but on others) are justifying it as nothing. I don't care if she was almost of age and I don't care if he was under the influence of whatever drug or booze he claims, if it was Joe Smith down the street grabbing your teenage daughter in an inappropriate manner would you accept the excuse that he was under the influence?? Someone actually said he was pleading guilty to spare the victim the embarrassment of a trial. How he still comes out of this a hero, I'll never know.

Well said.
Thats somebody's daughter.

I'm sorry but nobody pleads guilty to a sexual assault if they didn't do it.And it's not about sparing the victim the embarrassment of a trial, it's about covering up what he did.The scumbag should be fired immediately by the Riders.I hope he goes to jail so he can play tightend on the prison football team. :twisted:

Well, the good thing is that it's law that he goes on the National Sex Offender registry and has to provide a DNA sample for the records....he probably won't do jail time if this is a first criminal offence (sentencing guidelines must be followed) I'd say he will probably get probation for 3 years, an order to attend counselling, community service and a fine made payable to a charity deemed appropriate by the well as the DNA sample and the National Sex Offender Registry.

I'm disgusted after having read the details of the actual attack.........and yes, it was an attack in my opinion.

and oh yah, almost him without delay.

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Even worse some want to make Tillman a victim too.

IF the girl involved…the parents…AND the courts think it is over with an apology…then who are we to argue?

I’m not condoning his actions in any way…HOWEVER…as assaults go…this was pretty trivial. AND…also let me point out that assaulting Tillman for his actions would have gotten a more serious penalty!

Perhaps if you were to read this, you may have a different opinion…

[url=] ... trial.html[/url]

I think that the “court of public opinion” will be the worst the man will have to face! He’s probably done with football in Canada and I feel sorry for all involved! Worse crimes have provided less consequences. Time to move on.

A "trivial" sex assault.

Class act, woody. :thdn:

Thanks :thup: I just knew you would do that :wink: ...take it out of context...not quote the whole statement :roll:

Better...but why don't you post my whole statement?

Why do I feel a "lock" coming on? :wink: assaults go...this was pretty trivial.
She was bending over to tend to [u]HIS[/u] baby, doing her job and he hooked his fingers in her belt-buckles and (I'll stop there)........Woody, that's pretty much forcible confinement also.......this is a not a trivial matter and I hope the Judge makes a huge example of him........I have daughters and I'm telling you right now that I'd be looking at this as FAR from trivial..... This was not an assault between two drunk bar patrons in an alley........this was the sexual assault of a minor child by a person in the position of authority at that absolute discharge or even a conditional discharge would be an outrage, because there would be no criminal record of it........

I hope the Judge doesn't fall for this suggestion by the Crown......the Saskatchewan Ag's Office must be full of Riders fans eh?

Toss the book at him and fire his arse !........ If we can't protect our children from predators, who will ?.......

Well said!

What part of "I'm not condoning his actions" don't you understand?

Forcible confinement??? :roll: According to the statement of facts...the girl stayed until Tillman's wife got home and the one instance was all that was involved.

When the victim and the family don't want a "stay away" order...when all the parties involved agree to the statement of the facts...AND when all parties involved feel that an apology is sufficient...I'll take the word of those that were there! Yes, as assaults was pretty trivial!

Tillman will pay for this mistake the rest of his life in the "court of public opinion"....AS HE SHOULD, but it's a shame that it even got to this point!

Good point Woody. Its smells rotten from every direction from where I sit. If an apology is OK by the alleged victim and her family it can't be that serious. Keep in mind folks, copping a plea is not an admission of anything in legal matters. Its simply the easiest way to stay out of jail. We'll never know what really happened. All we know is that Tillman didn't want to take his chances in court and the crown either didn't think much of their chances of getting total cooperation from the family or thought the case was weak even with it

That's exactly why these criminal cases belong to the in spousal battery, sexual assault cases proceed regardless of what the victim or the family says down the road. The next victim may not be these particular people.

I'll be stunned if Tillman avoids a criminal record and a spot on the National Sex Offender Registry.

Does he need to be imprisoned?........probably not at this point, but they need a conviction registered and other sanctions to make sure that, if he does it again in five years, there is a record of previous behaviour.

[b][i]Crown prosecutor Bill Burge said Tillman pulled "the rear end of the complainant into himself" by putting his fingers in the belt loops on her hips.

"While in that position, there was physical contact that was clearly of a sexual nature," [/i][/b]

So he grabbed her from behind and pulled her back onto his crotch.....what world do you two live in where it's ok for uncle pedo to hump a 16 year old?